Why no one reads your story?

Haven't I had enough?

17 chapters now. 17. So, I've wasted 17 chapters bashing stories in general and FP too. Haven't you readers, or rather me (the author) had enough? All this idiot (me) talks about is what's wrong with people stories (including mine) all the way.

Flaws, flaws and more flaws.

Do I suffer from depression? No. If so, I'd be too depressed to write.

Am I emo? I don't even know what that means.

So what's the deal?

The deal is, I now spend a chapter to talk about me and negativity on other stories. Wow.

The truth is, I ran out of things to bash. Titles, summaries, chapters, beta profiles, AIDS, George Bush and penguins, what else?

Can't I think positive and just say, yeah this story's good? Hell no.

I believe unless I have a personal bias against something in your story, you can always improve it until I actually think it's good. So, unless you've had enough, rewrite and improve it as many times as you see fit. Perfection doesn't exist, as you can always improve. Just because no one complained, doesn't mean you rule.

And yes! I've been saying a lot of things over and over. It only means people repeat these mistakes and that's how annoying it is. If you don't make that mistake, I'll shut up. Don't give me a chance to talk about it – a very media thing. Give them the least space to write something negative.

The truth is, due to the number of favs, alerts, reviews, and hits I don't want this to end.

Flaw Alert!

How many of you have done this? You want and do continue a story just because it's popular and you know you can't do better. It's called sucking on what's good. Leeching! Created a sequel because the first is popular and created a 'last chapter', aka author's notes with big words saying THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL! These days, no one says the end. They say, it will be ON HIATUS. Same thing. I read this complete story that ended years ago, but somehow I got a chapter alert only weeks ago saying THE STORY HAS REVIVED... God save the chapter!

Easter special

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble. Easter bunnies are but those Duracell rabbits working part time to make more money. There's no such thing as holy bunnies, only silly bunnies. I know what you're thinking...

Bugs Bunny used to work for Duracell before joining Warner. He got fired for running too slow. That was their first loss to Energizer.

What about Energizer's Bunnies? They're just Duracell bunnies in disguise. That's why they always wear sunglasses. So don't get fooled.

Oh, and don't get surprised if you open an Easter egg to find a battery inside.

Author's Notes:

Evidently, I ran out of things to say. Let's end it here, shall we?

The next issue will be under a new story called Why someone reads your story. LOL.