I look in the mirror and what do I see?

A little girl trapped in a shell trying to break free,

She's struggling, she has her fists in the air,

Yet everyone walks by without a care,

The tears are falling down her eyes,

She's starting to give up,

She starting to think there is nothing left,

And that she's just ran out of luck,

She's trying to shake,

This image of perfection,

She's trying to break loose,

All she wants is for someone to tell her the truth,

Am I a Bitch? Am I a Slut? Do I dress like a Whore?

She has this feeling in her gut,

That is telling her she should want more,

She shouldn't settle for falling,

When she wants to fly,

She shouldn't settle for this mediocre life,

Dreams and ambitions are all that fill her head,

However something is telling her to quit,

To stop,

Should she listen? Or should she not?

Who is this voice telling her No?

Who is this person holding her back?

Who is the figure telling her to pretend,

And put on a show?

If only she knew, it was Her saying no,

She was holding her own self back,

She's afraid of living,

Afraid of Letting Go.