If a time comes when my patience has expired and

my heart grows forever cold

when the end comes any forgivingness I share to others

or any forbearance for the flawed and the weak

On that day millions of humans will be destined to fall

for even their souls will be doomed in what will be my dominion

For when I gain acquire full control of my heart and mind

I will kill without mercy and feel nothing

No soul nor entity on Earth will be able to stop me

I will be worse than all beings that once were or ever existed have even been

Empires will pray to me to spare them

I will lay waste to entire races and

any resistance against me will be crushed almost immediately

Children will worship me even as I slaughter their parents in front of their eyes

Mer words cannot not define the apocalypse I would rain down on this planet

I will then find a way to live for eternity and go from star to star

slaughtering everything alive on the surface and and within

Pray that day does not come

for if it it does

there will be no hope for any deity

to save you from my wrath