My friend and I got together to write this story. We combined the stories we were writing into one big one. Therefore, the characters Jake and Mel are my friends the rest are mine. I have her full permission to put up this story.

Chapter 1: Mission

The music overpowered her senses, as Kat danced through the crowd. One eye open all the while. Knee high boots, fish net stockings, denim hipster skirt and an off-the-shoulder Supre top was the outfit she was wearing for her mission in this nightclub.

The mission was important, if she did not stop this man, he would destroy Derwent, as she knows it. He had stolen her prophecies about her curse and could turn them against her. She had to kill him before it was too late.

Girls and guys jostled her as she pushed through the crowd. She suddenly clashed shoulders with someone, and felt a cold bubbly substance trickle down her chest.

"Oh my God! Sorry!" a young male voice sounded from beside her. Annoyed, she looked up and met eyes with the boy who had just bumped into her. His jaw-length black hair somewhat reminded her of Elyador. He was trying to carry three cold, slippery glasses of beer. The beer that was trickling down her front.

Defensively, she shouted "Ugh! Look what you did to my top, you idiot!"

She suddenly realized how mean she had sounded. Fortunately, the boy had pushed past her again and had not heard her. She shrugged, took a quick look at her drenched top and continued on her quest. She made for the girls toilets when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, you OK?" It was the boy's voice again.

Now Kat was really annoyed, "Piss off! Why are you following me?"

The boy now looked both confused and concerned. "I – I just wanted to make sure that..." His voice faltered.

"Sure that what?" she screeched "that I am defiantly drenched or if you can pour more beer on me?"

The boy grinned nervously and bit his lip. "Why the fuck would I want to do that?" he was being defensive now.

Taken aback Kat stammered, "Umm…I'm sorry but I need to find someone, I guess I just got carried away."

A sly grin grew on the boy's face. "Yeah…I figured. What's ya name?"

"Kat," she smiled, "now may I ask yours?"

"Jake," was his quick answer, "You mean Kat as in Cat? Like Kitty Cat?"

"Meow," she broke out in laughter.

Jake rolled his eyes and shook his head with embarrassment, still grinning.

"This is fun and all but…umm" Kat faltered "I need to find this guy, maybe you could help me"

"Is he your boyfriend? What does he look like? I might know him," Jake gave her a broad smile, obviously happy to help on her quest.

"He is far from my boyfriend" Kat growled, "You could say that he is an enemy."

Jake, completely oblivious to the fact that her quest was far more than just finding 'a guy' went on to ask, "Is he your ex-boyfriend? Did he cheat on you?"

"ICK" she shuddered "don't even think about that! For Gods' sake he's 30."

"EWWW!" groaned Jake, kicking himself at the thought "Yeah. Sorry 'bout that!"

"Well can you help me or not?"

Jake looked at her deeply, as if he had not heard the question. Kat suddenly spotted a silver glint from his left eye, which was hiding behind a long, black fringe. She squinted to see it, but the disco lights and blaring music buffered her vision and she could not focus. Finally, Jake answered, "yeah, yeah, can I go tell my friends first?" Kat nodded and followed him through the crowd to where his friends were waiting on a corner-couch.

"I'm gonna go help this chick find her EX-boyfriend" Jake turned his head and gave Kat a wink, obviously fibbing for her sake "I'll be back."

One of the boys on the couch nodded and shrugged, "Don't see why not."

Jake merely shrugged back and turned to face Kat.

"So, do you have any idea what this guy looks like?"

"Um…this might sound a bit weird, but he's wearing a brown trench coat"

Jake raised an eye, his expression saying nothing but 'what the heck?'

"It's like a long overcoat," she explained, quite seriously.

Jake gave her the same look "OK then."

"Don't worry," Kat smiled.

Jake scuffed his foot on the ground, and then caught her eyes again. Crystal blue, they were. His were chocolate brown. Well, one of them was. He swished his fringe off his face. Kat suddenly saw what it had been hiding. The left eye was silver. Like Brooke's hair, she giggled at the thought. Jake just smiled at her. "What?"

"Sorry I just remembered something funny…" she glimpsed the man "Back to matters, the guy just went that way."

Jake glanced around, "Where?"

Kat did not reply, but made her way to where she saw the man. He was sitting at the bar hunched over a beer. Sensing her he turned around, red eyes glaring. He slowly rose and turned away from Kat, heading towards the door.

"Hey you!" she yelled after him.

Jake suddenly spotted him too. "Ooh. Cr-r-creepy!" He growled from behind Kat.

"You're in this with me, now that he's seen you," Kat dragged Jake after her as she quickly followed the man outside. Jake grinned and followed obediently, hinting that there was no need to be 'dragged'.

"So, um, why is he running away? Can't possibly have something that big to hide, could he?"

"No, not at all big but it could be disastrous if he reads them," she ignored his protests and kept dragging him.

"Ohh your diary is it?" he joked.

"It's no joking matter, but yeah, something similar to a diary."

The door closed behind them and the lights and music were instantly cut out. A swirling blue light appeared in front of the trench coat man. Kat sighed as they followed him.