Chapter 1: Katherine

"Stop him" tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"Guards" her silk dressing gown billowing around her.

The guards came thundering into the royal nursurary to find that the fief was gone.

"I want the palace grounds searched, I want you to find her" the queen collapsed beside her empty daughters cradle.

"Elanora" she moaned "Elanora".

"Your majesty" the queen's adviser bowed, his horn tip lightly touching the ground.

"Report Dreamhorn" the queen slowly rose.

"Queen Liesel, no sign of her highness, princess Elanora or the commoner".

"Keep searching, I need my baby," Liesel sobbed.

"Shh Katherine don't cry" Ric rocked his daughter gently in his arms.

He took out Kat's brooch that was crested with two unicorn horns crossing and held it in his hands, it was the key.

Thundering hooves made Eric run.

Sheltering Kat from flying branches, he ran and ran, than with one word "Avon", bright light, he jumped off the cliff.

"Majesty" the head Karkadann bowed low, thick horn slightly above the ground.

"Report" Liesel shook.

As he raised, his fancy armour glinted in the moonlight and a gentle breeze rustled his peacock's tail, "he has the ability to travel".

"No" Liesel sobbed "this can't be happening".

"Worse" the Karkadann's red eyes closed then opened "he sealed the portal".

"Thank you, you're dismissed" Queen Liesel swallowed.

A winged flyer entered, bowed and nuzzled Liesel to her feet, "Sel, please get up" the winged flyer nuzzled again.

"Yes" she stood, "I want to see the spot where my darling girl was last seen" the queen mounted Morning Glory her faithful friend.

"My dad's getting me a unicorn fitted bedroom," Brooke, a snobby girl at Katherine's school boasted.

"Unicorn, what's that?" Kat asked.

"Gosh your 17 and I'm 16, but you don't know what a unicorn is?" she snickered.

"My dad never read me fairy tales", Kat stared at this snobby girl.

"Unicorns are a bit like horses, you have seen a horse, haven't you?" she sneered.

"Of course, I'm not stupid like you" Kat blushed and ran away.

"Afternoon sweetie" Eric, or Ric for short, Kat's dad greeted her.


Eric stiffened.

"Yeah, I said unicorns, why don't I know about them, daddy why?" she whined.

"Not now, daddy's tired" Ric tried to leave.

"But daddy what's a unicorn, just tell me please".

"A unicorn is a horse, with a horn, fake not real, ok, that's why I didn't want to tell you" beads of trickled down Ric's face.

"Honey, you can't neglect your duty's, just because of our daughter" Scott hugged Liesel. "I've already missed 17 years of her life, I don't want to miss any more" her golden hair hung lifeless around her shoulders.

"She's my child as well" Scott hugged his wife.

Morning Glory, a winged flyer and Dreamhorn, a floater, the queen's advisers entered.

"The select court is awaiting your orders" Dreamhorn bowed and Scott mounted.

"Please come" Morning Glory's soft voice sounded, as she also bowed, so that Liesel could mount.

The council consisted of 11 types of unicorns.

The head of each tribe assembles in the council chambers whenever a meeting is called.

The two important unicorns being Morning Glory, head of the winged flyers and Dreamhorn head of the floaters.

The rest consisted of the heads of the miniature forest dwellers, North American forest dwellers, Ki-lin of China, Karkadanns, Kirin of Japan, Royals, Scorches, Fresh water shape shifters and water purifiers.

"Yeah, she's disappeared off the face of Derwent and Earth"

"And they say the Queen is really depressed"

"Attention" the Karkadann bellowed "her Majesty Queen Liesel and King Scott."

All the unicorns stood and bowed as the king and queen dismounted. The queen sat, baby blue robe spreading about her, everyone followed suit.

"I have not been doing my duties properly and from now on I promise I will!" Liesel's voice carried around the room.

"Her Majesty has agreed for the public's safety, that Princess Elanora is living with her great aunt Maude," Dreamhorn said sadly.

"We shouldn't worry though, the chosen two will find her and bring her home" Morning Glory's voice was soft but filled with authority.

"One will recognize her royalty; the other will recognize her for her kindness and loyalty. They will become her best friends and help to bring her back to us. Since she comes of age this week the chosen two will be drawn to her" Scott read the prophecy "and since they have to travel to Earth they will look like normal horses, but will still hold their powers".

"Court adjourned" the Karkadann announced.

The queen stood, and watched as they left. Liesel collapsed onto the fluffy light pillows and burst into tears.

"Hey, hey" Scott walked back in "Why are you crying honey?"

"Elanora, I hope they find her," she sobbed.

"Shh, they'll find her" he ran his fingers over her baby blue hair-band tiara.

"Thanks" Liesel stood, smoothed her skirts than left.

"Daddy I want a horse for my birthday, please" Kat whined.

"No! That's that" Eric shouted.

"Why not we've got the land and some money, but I'll get a job," she pleaded.

"No" red faced he stormed out

The Royal pranced and danced amongst his friends.

"Hey Corandel what's happening" one of them called out.

"Why do you ask" he replied.

"You're glowing" another pointed out.

They all gasped as the glow flashed bright and Corandel disappeared.

"Where am I" Corandel snorted and reared.

"No" he screamed "my horn, my crown"

"What is this, first I was in Derwent, and now I'm in some foreign place".

Kat was still brooding over her birthday present, a brooch with two unicorn horns crossing, when she heard a horse scream. Heart pounding she looked out of her window. Kat's eyes landed on a black stallion. "Daddy got me a horse after all" she raced downstairs and outside.

"Hi boy" Kat walked right up to him and rubbed his forehead.

Shocked, Corandel stepped backwards.

"Do you know what my daddy gave me for my birthday?" she asked.

"Of course you won't" Kat sighed, "look" she held out the brooch.

"It's her" Corandel thought "Princess Elanora!"