Chapter Seven

There was a long pause, why aren't you saying anything?

"Who did?" Kat demanded.

"The man I was dancing with." Kim sat up and turned to Kat, "Please don't tell daddy, he'd make me go home."

"Dad needs to know, Kimmy…"

"Please?" Kim begged, "I'll never go out after dark again! I promise!"

Kat was silent once again, she had no idea what to say.

"Please?" Kim started to beg again, "you know how bad dad would freak if he found out. I'm not just thinking of myself here, he'd make you go home to! He'd make you leave Aidan!"

Kat paled a little, she knew Kim was right, as soon as her father found out what had happened, he would make both of them pack up and come home. They'd be on permanent lock down until Jackson either found who did it, or killed Weiss and felt if was safe.

"Kimmy!" Damion rushed into the room, shoving Chase out, kicking the door shut behind him.

Dustin glared at the computer screen, why did they always have to involve the emo kid?

"Kimmy, are you okay? What happened, baby?" Damion pulled Kim onto his lap, stroking her hair.

"Nothing," She lied, "I'm just tired."

That's right, sweetheart, don't trust him!

Damion didn't believe her, he looked towards Kat to find out what really happened.

"Some one raped her…" Kat whispered.

Anger flashed through Damion's eyes and he grabbed his cell phone.

"I'm calling the police."

"The police? Now that's not very nice of you, Damion..." Dustin said, scowling at the other man over the camera.

His dark eyes fell on Kat. It was easy to tell why his dad hated her now-she ruined everything. She made Kimmy say he'd raped her and now she was telling Damion.

Don't worry, bitch, your turn is coming...

Kim reached up and snatched the phone, hiding it behind her back.

"Damion… please… I don't want anyone else to know…" Kim said softly, still holding onto the phone.

"Kimmy… they're going to find out eventually-"

"What if you're pregnant, Kim?" Kat interrupted.

Kim froze for a moment, as if the thought had never struck her, then she quickly turned to Damion.

"We could say that it's Damions!" Kim said hurriedly, "It fits! We're already getting married, we've been together so long… no one would suspect anything!"

A moment of silence passed over the room and then Damion spoke up, "You want to lie about it?"

"It wouldn't be lying, you'd be raising it! Besides, he raped me, he wouldn't want to take care of the child if I am pregnant!"

Damion sighed, rubbing his temples, "Okay, let's not even talk about the possibility, cause the fact is, you might not be." Kim nodded, resting her head on his chest again. "You're dad's going to find out eventually, Kimmy…"

"But… but if I said something, he'd come back… he'd kill me…" She whispered.

Damion grimaced, he clearly didn't like the idea either. He wrapped his arms around her, rocking her back and forth.

"No ones going to hurt you while I'm around, I promise."


That was the last thing Kim wanted to worry about at the moment. Her head still hurt and her body was still sore.

Kim groaned and ran a hand through her hair, her golden eyes focused on the paper in front of her, even though her mind wasn't.

Was Mr. Hammond watching her?

She glanced up and his head turned the other way, looking at his computer.

Kim looked back down at her paper. Due by the end of class. Gosh, she hated that phrase, homework was so much better, she could do it while with Damion.

She tapped her pencil's eraser against the desk and then circled the answer to the first problem.

Mr. Hammond was watching her again, she could feel it. She could feel his eyes on her, those cold, dark, secretive eyes. Everyone in the class was just fine with him, but something rubbed Kim the wrong way.

It was like somehow her spirit new that she was supposed to hate him. That she was supposed to detest him.

Kim glanced up again, he turned away, she continued to watch him until he turned back around, and she looked down at her paper.

There was something not right about him, something that struck her as heartless. Kim doodled on the side of her paper next to the questions.

Why did she hate him? It was going to drive her crazy!

Her golden eyes looked up once more at him, and he again turned away. Kim cocked her head, watching him, studying him. He was hiding something. That was what bugged her, everyone else she knew, she could pick apart just by saying hi.

She couldn't pick him apart-couldn't judge his character. That fact terrified her. People who have been hurt, it's easy to spot, they don't hide it like he's doing, they shy away people.

Especially people that are likely to judge them.

Mr. Hammond looked up again, this time Kim didn't look away. Her eyes narrowed a little on instinct and she could see that he knew. He knew she was onto him.