I have a secret power,

An advantage, some might say;

But if they had a taste of it,

They wouldn't let it stay.

This gift of mine is not all good,

For it is, you see,

The all-restricting power of


I can walk down endless halls

Without a single glance,

And wander long through twirling couples,

Never asked to dance.

I regain visibility

With family and friends,

But in company of most others,

The spotlight on me ends.

They do not really see me;

I'm safe inside my skin.

They only see the outside,

Few people look within.

It can be nice on bad days;

I've got somewhere to hide;

But there's no one to comfort me,

No someone by my side.

At least I have protection;

At least I'm in control;

At least my friends still notice me,

At least I have my soul.

At least I'm not abandoned;

I have my family,

And even if no one else was,

They would be there for me.