Author: The Happy Carrot

Here begins the story of two very unique individuals. These two individuals were so contradictory to one another that one would never have realized the immediate spark that emitted between the two at first glance. This said spark however did not start out very pleasant. This spark was like the gun shot to start a war that would rage on for centuries never to cease from either side. Until one day all the soldiers fell down like dolls and all that was left were one little girl and one little boy tired of playing with their toys.

Chapter 1

"No I'm sorry sir, but I can't give you a refund. You see if you didn't like your sub, there isn't really anything we can do, all of the toppings and sub meat were your choice, so I'm sorry but it wasn't my staff that made your sub taste as you said "disgusting and uneatable". If however you had brought back the whole sub and not just the paper it was on, then I personally would have made you another one. However you did not, so I can not give you a refund, I'm sorry." finished a frustrated Emma Harley, leaning over the counter to talk to this troublesome customer.

"But I don't understand why not? I did not like it" said the confused man

"Okay sir, I'm sorry but we can't give you a refund unless you return the product to us. I can't give you a refund I'm sorry" and with that she walked away to serve the next customer up at the till.

"Welcome to Subway, is that everything today?" she asked the next customer

"Yes that's everything thank you" replied the woman holding her change purse

"That will be four dollars and eight cents please" Emma told her

"One second let me get the right change" said the woman

As Emma waited she surveyed her Subway. She watched her employees hard at work, some serving customers, some cleaning and others filling the sandwich unit. These were her prize workers, all trained by her to maintain a certain type of class and cleanliness when working in a food service environment. Despite being only 17 and a manager Emma had pulled her weight around this Subway, she had worked every bit as hard as all the other girls who had obtained the same position. She cleaned prepared the food and knew her way around like it was the back of her hand. When not attending school she was at Subway working her tail off to pay for University the next year.

The woman had laid all her change out on the counter

"Is this enough?" she asked

"Let me check for you" Emma gathered all the change in her hand and began to count. She laid the dime on the counter.

"You gave me a dime extra" she opened the till and placed the money into the proper change compartments.

Ring… Ring…

She walked over the phone and answered

"Good afternoon Subway"

"Is the owner, Ratha there?" Asked the man on the phone

"No, she's occupied at the moment, but can I take a message?" asked Emma

"No I need to talk to her" said the man

"Well she can't come to the phone right now, but if you give me your name and number I can have her call you back when ever she's available" Emma replied very politely

"Listen, I don't care who the fuck you are… I don't want you to write down my name and number I need to fucking talk to her right now, and if that's a problem just tell her that Anthony is on the phone"

"She's is not available right now" Emma said through gritting teeth

"That's it, if you don't give her the phone I swear I will come there and kick your ass…" and that was when Emma snapped

"Listen here punk; I don't know who you think you are threatening me and cussing at me in that way. I don't have to do anything for you! If you needed to talk to her so bad or if you were that important she would have given you an alternative number! Now stop calling here and harassing us or I will call the police!" and with that she slammed down the phone

Everyone was looking at her with shock written all over their faces.

"What?" she asked

"I've never seen you lose your cool like that Em" said her friend and employee Krista

"Yeah well I've never had to deal with someone as ignorant as that little punk on the phone"

"He got you really riled up eh?" asked Melina, another employee

"Well he wanted to talk to Ratha and I told him she wasn't available and he went off on this big rant about how if I don't "effing" get her he was going to "kick my ass" yeah whatever buddy" replied Emma still fuming

"Alright get back to work everybody. There's a list in the corner" and at her command everyone began to work at their usual pace again. Little did she know this wasn't the last time she would hear from this "little punk".