I never knew much about Dani for the longest time except that she had black hair she was constantly streaking with outrageous colors, th

bluest eyes I'd ever seen, and not to mention, she was probably the shortest 16 year old anybody had ever met. She always seemed to be

smiling or laughing. Plus, she would talk to anybody and always knew exactly what to say to make them laugh whether it was her being a

total smart-ass or just saying something that didn't make any sense whatsoever. She was so kind. There wasn't a person in the school, or

world even, that didn't love Dani... or so everyone thought, but I can't get into that just yet.

I remember always seeing her with a certain group of people. I mean, she talked to everyone but she had her own real friends. They

were the kids always getting in trouble. Stealing, smoking, skipping, you name it they were probably the ones doing it. Dani wasn't usually

involved in the schemes, but there were a few occasions where she had gotten caught. The kids were JC, Morgan, Kemper and Codey.

Unlike Dani, they weren't so liked, for obvious reasons of course.

JC was this blond, medium height, skinny girl, with the biggest boobs you'd ever see. I'm pretty sure a lot of people thought she was a

royal bitch. Which she was most of the time though I'm sure this was only because she was painfully blunt. JC was called a slut too. I'm not

trying to label her, but she was. She was constantly making sexual remarks and saying whose dick she rode the night before.

Then there was Morgan. I can't really describe her. She wasn't much of a talker so I never could figure her out. Just that she wore these

ratty clothes and dyed her hair about every other day. She never ran out of ideas with that hair of hers. I never even knew her real hair

color but I'm sure not many did. She, I guess was the baby figure of the group. You never saw her without Dani, JC, Codey, or Kemper.

Kemper was this really tall guy who always had the same emo looking hair style. He swore up and down he didn't wear eye-liner and

that his eyelashes were just extremely dark but every one else was convinced he was a fag. There was always some rumor about Kemper

with another guy and believe me, some of those rumors were pretty brutal. He was the type of guy to hold all the stuff in and it seemed like

it didn't bother him at all. Hiding it was something he had been good at. Nobody ever knew how fucked in the head he was. Until later.

Finally, there was Codey. Tall, built, dark, rude, cocky Codey. I didn't have much respect for this guy just because of the way I heard

him talk to girls, and Dani. I never understood why Dani even talked to him. On the rare occasions when they would be walking past me,

the only thing I would hear coming from his mouth was , "Dani, you fat cunt move your ass." or "Dani, shut the fuck up, your opinion doesn't

mean shit to anybody." You would think that he would be kidding, but the harshness in his voice and the hatred in his eyes was enough to

make you just want to get away from him. I hated the look Dani always got on her face when he would talk to her like that. Like, her heart

was being torn to pieces, and I'm sure it felt like it was.

I know you're waiting for a description of me. I'm Nole. There isn't much to say. I'm this scrawny guy with brown hair that constantly

gets in my face. Maybe I should get a haircut? Anyways, I'm a loner. I have a few people that I'll talk to but I can't say that I have any real

friends. Not anymore at least. I'm not smart nor am I stupid. I'm that kid who sits alone in the corner at lunch reading a book or spacing off.

Not much else for me to do. My family life sucks just about as much as my school life. My mom goes to bars nightly sleeping around ever

since my dad died two year ago of this weird blood thing I never knew much about. I used to have a younger sister, Hope, but we haven't

said 10 words to each other since dad died. There's this book store I used work at to get away from everything. Nobody really ever went

there except for a few people who looked lost and needed some where to get out of the cold so I was constantly alone while I was

working. I guess it was just fate that brought Dani into the store that freezing January day.