I'll see you around Nole. Remember what I told you okay.. My mind kept going back to Dani's words. I had spent the rest of my shift thinking about her. I don't know why, but I found myself extremely worried that something was going to happen to her. Some would say a gut feeling.. and that terrified me. Since she had come into the shop with Codey earlier, the atmosphere seemed to have changed. There was something in the air. It was creepy. I'm not going not lie. I couldn't quite pin-point what it was that day but now that I look back on it, the change was so obvious..

"I'll see you later, Miles. I'm gonna take off.", I said but not really to him since I'm sure he was stoned off his ass by now, if he wasn't already when I had gotten there. Miles didn't even seem to see me. Go figure. I grabbed my coat and threw it on. Seven o' clock. I had a few hours to kill before I went home. Not that anybody at home would matter if I ever showed up there again. The air was even colder than it had been seven hours and it caused a chill to run through me... Or was it that atmosphere change again? My thoughts were again, like the majority of the day, on Dani again. Confused, angsty, frustrated. I was all of these and more. Confused because of what I had seen in the shop. How could she be caught up in something that was obviously not just some high school drama? Angsty since I usually was all the time anymore. Frustrated.. Well, let's just say I wanted to take Codey's dick, cut it off and shove it down his throat for ever laying a hand on Dani. I let out an exasperated sigh and quickened my pace. Letting my feet lead the way I pulled out my Ipod and turned on a random song. The lyrics drowned out my thoughts and I never looked to see where I was going, until I got there anyway. When I saw my feet had led me home I got kind of pissed of at myself. So much for not going home for a few more hours.. Letting out another sigh, I took my last few steps of freedom for the day and opened my shitty door to my shitty house.

Don't get me wrong, when my dad was alive the house was pretty nice. Its a pretty old house but it has three be honest, I can't remember how many rooms there were or anything like that. You see, growing up we weren't really ever in the house long enough to pay attention to anything. Or I wasn't. Then when my dad died, I went to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and to my room. I could describe those rooms to a tee if you asked. It also doesn't help that I try to block off most of my past. Nobody really wants to remember things that once made them happy that now makes them so depressed. Nor does somebody want to remember a house that such shitty things happened in.

When I walked in the door my first sight was my sister. She was laying on the ratty old couch absolutely naked. Her clothes were strung through out the room and there was a few bottles of beer laying around here and there. It took me a second to see the guy laying underneath her. I was so sick of seeing Hope like this. She was convinced she wasn't a slut but this had happened so many times with a variety of guys that she didn't need to me to tell her. Everyone else did. I used to try and talk her out of stuff like that but it was pretty useless. So looking at the sight before me didn't disgust me or anything. It just just disappointed me like mad, like every other time I would walk in to see that. The least she could do is fuck in her own room.

Hope used to be such an attractive girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs, the works. All the guys who had ever met her wanted to fuck her, to put it bluntly. I laughed to myself at the irony. They all eventually did. Hope had a great personality once too. Not to mention her great smile. It could light up a room. I missed the little girl who used to smile. The little girl dad loved so much and the little girl who the worst thing she would ever do was say a curse word every now and then. That girl, along with everything else, vanished with the death of my father. Man, life sucked.

I kicked a beer bottle out from in front of me and walked to the stairs and up the hall. Again I found myself at another shitty door and went it. My room. I needed to clean it but who gave a shit then? Nobody else did so I never saw why I should. Damn..I had nothing o do so I did what I did everyday. I went to bed not knowing the next day would be the day that everything would start going to hell.

I don't remember what I dreamed about but I had a feeling it was about Dani, since when I woke up I couldn't get the vision of black hair out of my mind. There was no work for me today so I didn't really know what I was going to do. After I did all the morning shit like showering and getting dressed I snuck out of my house as quietly as I could. If I wasn't quiet my mom would have bitched at me to shut the hell up. Her hangovers were terrible. Though I was surprised she had even come home for once.

It wasn't any where near as cold as it had been the previous day so I didn't have to hurry anywhere. Maybe if I would have I wouldn't have ran into anyone.

My stomach was hurting from not eating in a few days so I decided to go to the next restaurant I saw. I didn't pay any mind to what place it was but when I walked in the door I had been glad I did. There was Dani sitting in the farthest booth from the door. She was with Morgan who was smiling. That was the most emotion I had ever seen that girl show. I didn't move a muscle, figuring if I did I would ruin the fun they seemed to be having. Then, go figure, I sneezed. Dani looked up surprised but still holding her smile. But Morgan, she went back to her old self. The self hat I, and everybody else knew. Her lips set in a sad line and her eyes glazed over like she was mad of glass.

"Nole!", came Dani's shrieking voice. "Nole! Come over here! Come sit with us!", I glanced at Morgan and she seemed uncomfertable with the idea of me sitting with them but I knew that Dani wouldn't stop waving and yelling like mad until I did. Not to mention the fact that I seemed to be infatuated with Dani and jumped at the thought of sitting with her. So I did.

"Hey Dani. Hey Morgan.", I said slower then I should have. Morgan didn't even look up from the weird pasta shit she had been eating. Dani on the other hand looked like she was going to fall out of her chair.

"Nole! Nole! Nole! I was just talking about you." she let out a giggle. Oh God she was so bubbly.

"Really? Is that good or bad?" I couldn't help but wonder. Then my curiosity got even more aroused when the look in her eye darkened a bit but only for a second until she looked like she had althought something extremely dirty. I had been right and knew it when she got on this look. A seductive look. Oh God. I didn't know it but I'd see that look a few times through out the time I knew her.

"Its nothing really. Just talking about how big I heard you were. you know. that kind of stuff. But let's not get into that? Its more girl talk isn't it?" I could tell she wanted to say more but she kept her mouth shut. I didn't know what to say. So I stayed quiet.

"I have to go do some stuff before we meet up with the guys Dani.", came Morgan's ever-so soft voice. It was the first time I'd ever heard her speak. Her voice matched her personality just like some stereotype shy girl. I watched as Dani's face fell. It made my heart sink seeing.

"Okay baby. I love you.", whispered loudly to Morgan. "I'll see you in a little bit, okay?" That was it as I watched Morgan nod and walked out the door.

"She's awfully quiet. i think thats the first time I have ever heard her say a word.", I had to say to Dani.

"Yeah. She hasn't exactly had it easy Nole. I don't think you would understand how hard life can be sometimes. Especially to those who deserve it the least...", listening to her say that sent a surge of anger through me but it passed as soon as I saw the sorrow on her face. Its wasn't her fault she didn't know my story. Then she continued, " You know, her life has been totally shit for years so she's quiet and she doesn't try to know people. But the people she does know.. She's loyal as hell to. And you know what? I've never met a funnier person in my entire life... Surprising isn't it? I've known her since we were in diapers. I love that girl more than anything. She's my life."

I looked at Dani. She didn't look like she was really taking to me. She looked as if she were in this different world. A world that wasn't a good one.

"Sorry Noley.. I didn't mean to get all... Sad on you."

"Its no problem really. Its not like you meant to. Anywho, people are allowed to get upset thinking about things." This caused a small smile on her face, as usual. She seemed to be thinking for a full five minutes and then her face lit up.

"NOLE! Come with me to meet chill with my friends baby. It'll be fun! And I'll make Codey be nice. I wanna get to know you better."

Now, I was anti-social then and the thought of hanging out with people I had barely ever talked to wasn't exactly appealing, and then throw in the Codey deal.

Let's say I was a little less than thrilled about the day to come. But that's when I found out a dangerous thing. Something that would get us all into a lot of trouble down the line. I didn't know how to tell Dani no.