Hidden Treasures







-Random pirates


-A desolate island, with the look of destruction: Deep within a cave on the island, then on the beach, in a burned down village.

-A run down house, with scrap metal about it. Like a blacksmiths house.

-A pirate run port, lively, with plenty of fights. First, at the port, then outside a treasurer's store, and an alley nearby.

Scene I

Christiana: At last, the lost treasure of Feol Isle.

Keljrn: We can finally get off this infernal island. Quick, pick up the loot, Christiana, and we can go.

Christiana: What's the rush, Keljrn? It's abandoned, we're alone, no need to rush.

Keljrn: The isle makes me feel uneasy. Almost as if it were haunted…death lingers here.

Christiana: Ah…I see your point. Help me with the chest and we can depart.

(Keljrn nods.)

(They pick up the chest and exit.)

Scene II

(Ryden sobs in the corner of an abandoned hut.)

Christiana: (hums) Off for more loot we go! I think we should stop inland for a while, so as to take a-

Keljrn: Shhh…Don't you hear something?

Christiana: …No. What do you hear?

Keljrn: Crying. Quick, put it down and follow me.

(Christiana sets down the chest. Both enter the hut.)

Keljrn: Well, well, well. What do we have here? A little boy. What's your name son?

Ryden: (hiccups) …Ry-Ryden sir.

Christiana: Where's your family, little one?

Ryden: Dead, miss.

Keljrn: I told you this placed stunk of death…

Christiana: Hush. Now, little one, are you the only one left?

Ryden: Y-yes miss…

Christiana: …Looks like we'll have to take you with us, back to the mainland. C'mon little one.

(Ryden takes Christiana's hand and follows her to the ship. Keljrn picks up the treasure chest and follows his partner.)

Scene III

(Josiah sits, sharpening his blade.)

(Erasmus enters.)

Erasmus: F-father… I-I have bad news.

Josiah: Yeh weren' able tah catch 'em again were ya?

Erasmus: N-no father… I tried, but they got away. Too quick.

Josiah: No stinkin' pirate is too quick for my family, boy. Now you march right on out there and catch Christiana and her partner. Y'hear?! Yer neck depends on it.

(Josiah stares at his sword for a moment.)

Josiah: And while your at it, I think I'll join yeh. Show you how a real man does it.

Erasmus: Thank you, Father. And I'm terribly sorry for failing…

Josiah: Shut yer face. Go and get the preparations ready for the both of us to go hunting.

Scene IV

Christiana: Well? (Steps off the ship to port) What do we do first? Check out the worth of our loot, or drop off Ryden at the orphanage.

Keljrn: Check out it's worth. The child can wait; it might get stolen from us while we're gone. (Carries the loot off the ship.)

(Ryden runs off the ship after Keljrn.)

Christiana: (Picks up Ryden as he runs out.) I agree. So to the shop we go, then drop of the little one. Sounds like a plan.

Keljrn: Oh shut up.

Christiana: Will do. (Salutes.)

(Ryden giggles.)

(All walk through town.)

(Josiah and Erasmus sit in the shadows, watching.)

Josiah: There they are bloody thieves. Don't fail me this time son.

Erasmus: I won't, Father.

(Later, Christiana and Keljrn exit, money and Ryden in hand, talking and laughing.)

(Josiah and Erasmus approach them.)

Josiah: Well if it isn't the little wench. Finally get knocked up, eh?

Ryden: Chrissy, who are they?

Christiana: Just a couple of bad men. C'mon Keljrn, lets go to the orphanage. We can deal with these two later.

Keljrn: (Staring at Ryden.) Think we could keep him? (Takes him from Christiana's arms.) Always wanted a child, and now we have one.

Christiana: What?

Scene V

Erasmus: (Whisper.) Think we should give them some time?

Josiah: No!

(Christiana and Keljrn roll their eyes.)

Christiana: Fine, we'll talk about this after we deal with these two. But I don't want him interfering with anything.

Keljrn: (Nods, setting Ryden down, shielding him with his body.) Find a place to hide little one.

Ryden: (Nod running into hiding.)

Keljrn: (Attacks Erasmus while he's distracted.)

Josiah: (Attacks Christiana.)

Christiana: (Dives out of the way, running far from Ryden's hiding place into another location. Then spins and makes a swing with her pole at Josiah's shoulder.) (Continually panting.) I don't know why you're always after me. Do you have a crush on me or something?

Josiah: No! I just don' like pirates. Bloody load of thieves' y'all are! (Makes a stabbing motion at Christiana's legs.)

Christiana: (Dances out of the way.) Last I checked we were more scavengers then thieves, old man. We take from the dead, not the living. And don't confuse my partner and I with juvenile pick pockets. (Makes a sweeping motion at Josiah's legs.)

(Change to Keljrn and Erasmus.)

Keljrn: Give it up, boy. You're not your father, and you never will be. I've fought with you enough to know this. Stop trying to impress him. It's not working, and it never will. (Dives out of the way from one dagger headed for his neck.) And might I say, you're fighting style screams amateur?

Erasmus: Silence! I will not hear you insult me any longer. (Stands, and glares at Keljrn. Then looks into Ryden's hiding place.) Hmm…maybe if I look something precious to you, you'll understand why I need his acceptance.

(Back to Christiana and Josiah.)

Josiah: More then mere scavengers, girl. Ye still steal. And from the dead none the less! Bah! Pathetic lot y'all are. (Josiah falls to his knees with the swipe to his legs. He then waves his sword towards her chest.)

Christiana: Then why don't you chase after another pair of pirates, old man? (Moves back, getting only a cut to her belly.)

Josiah: Because you two are the lot that stole m'wifes locket! (Get's back to his feet, sword out, aimed for her heart.)

(With Keljrn and Erasmus.)

Keljrn: Leave him be Erasmus, he's only a boy. He has nothing to do with this. (Reaches out for Erasmus's shoulder.)

Erasmus: (Swats Keljrn's hand away.) Is that why you protect him so dearly? (Pulls Ryden out of hiding by his hair.)

Rydren: (Cries and screams, kicking Erasmus.) Let go of me!

Keljrn: We've spent the journey back together, now let him go. You're hurting him!

Erasmus: And why should I do that, hmm Keljrn?

(Ryden sobs.)

Keljrn: He's only a little boy! Hurt me, but not him. Are you insane or something, Erasmus?

Erasmus: (Looks at Ryden.) Perhaps I am. (Dives back after Keljrn.)

(With Christiana and Josiah.)

Christiana: …What? I don't recall hunting any minor treasures. (Backs away, pipe out in defense.)

Josiah: It was during yer early days as a grave robber, girl. Use that brain of yours.

(Erasmus and Keljrn.)

Keljrn: (Spins out of the way.) If you need love, find a brothel, boy. Don't take it out on innocent children.

(Erasmus growls, turning to go back after Keljrn, but other moves out of the way too quickly. His blade hits Ryden.)

(Ryden screams.)

(With Christiana and Josiah.)

Christiana: (Hears Ryden's scream.) Huh? (Momentarily distracted.) Ryden!

Josiah: (Makes the final move, stabbing into her chest, pulling out after.) Finally…Erasmus!

(Christiana falls to the ground, clutching her chest.)

(Erasmus runs to his fathers side.)

(Keljrn hugs Ryden, covering his wound with a spare cloth.)

Christiana: (Glares at Erasmus.) Bastard. You hurt a child.

Josiah: All to get to you, m'dear.

Erasmus: She'll be dead soon. Let's go back to Keljrn and the boy.

Josiah: (Nods and turns heading back to where Erasmus had come from.)

(Erasmus follows after Josiah.)

Scene VI

(Keljrn sets Ryden on a barrel, pulling out his spare sword angrily.)

Ryden: Do you think Chrissy's going to be okay?

Keljrn: We'll know soon, little one. I just need to deal with the bad guys that hurt her.

(Keljrn turns and runs after the hunters which just entered.)

Keljrn: Bastards! How can you harm a child? (Makes a desperate stabbing motion at Josiah.)

Josiah: The woman needed to pay for her sins, Keljrn. (Dodges Keljrns sword.)

Keljrn: With the blood of a child?!

(A group of pirates walk by. They notice the fight and join in.)

(Keljrn runs from the fight, picking up Ryden, and goes to aid Christiana.)

Christiana: (Groans.) I'm sorry.

Keljrn: Hush, I should have protected him more thoroughly. Now hold on, you've taken a serious blow. (Rips a piece of his clothing off to use as bandages.)

(Erasmus and Josiah are beaten down and tied.)