The barn was quiet, filled only with the sounds of the cows eating, and the pair of teens' light breathing. One, a brunet, wore overalls, and a white tee shirt, his plastic boots shifting in the dirt nervously. His light blue eyes were constantly moving to the door, almost anticipating someone's arrival.

The other, a taller blond, was more relaxed. Standing shirtless behind his friend, arms wrapped tightly about the brunet's waist. Hazel eyes closed as he buried his face in his partner's neck, breathing in his scent. Sweat, and freshly cut wheat. It was the smaller teen's scent, and it was intoxicating to Joe Marsh.

A crooked smile came to Joe's features as his boyfriend gasped at the feeling Joe was giving him. "Joe?" Harvey's motions were becoming more agitated by the position he was in. Especially by how it would look if others were to come in. "Slow down, Joe." The farmer's son gasped as his neck was kissed, feebly trying to push the blonde's hands from his waist. "Y'know Dad doesn't like the idea of me going out with other boys!" He squeaked, acting like a cornered mouse, eyes continuing to dart about, but only cattle was within sight.

"'E can shove off…" Joe muttered none too politely as he played with the belts to his boyfriends overalls. The teen wasn't friendly with Barney Ryder, and let Harvey know it. The man was bent on keeping the boys far from each other, and not letting their 'love' flourish.

Of course, it was understandable. Joe was one of four boys in his family, so of he decided he didn't want to take up the family business, others were there to do it for him. Meanwhile, Harvey was the only son of the family, with an ill mother who could have no more. But Joe refused to let that get in the way, considering he knew once Harvey inherited it, he'd just sell it any way.

"Better yet," Joe smirked, forcefully turning Harvey in his arms. "He can go jump in a lake."

Harvey was about to comment on that, one finger pressed against Joe's lips to prevent the impending kiss. A blush was deepening on his cheeks as he was dipped back romantically. That is, until the barn door crashed open, revealing them both to the sunlight, and the world. Quickly, in a spooked fashion, they clung to one another, forgetting about how they looked. Joe's topless torso was gleaming in the light; and Harvey's one undone belt to his overalls slipping down a heaving chest. Eye's wide, all they could do was stare like idiots at Harvey's red faced, angry father.

"Better yet," Barney sneered, gun in hand, aimed at Joe. "Why don't I throw you in a lake? The cold water might cool you off, eh boy."

Quickly, Joe slipped on his boots, grabbing his shirt as he hopped out of the barn, making a bee line for his pick-up. Pulling on the loose boots along the way, he didn't look back. Not even as one bullet flew straight past his shoulder.

Behind him, all he could hear was Harvey's shouting as he fought with his father for control of the gun.

"Daddy, no!" Harvey screamed as the man released himself from his sons grip, running after the escaping teen. Seeing the farmer coming up, Joe pushed his key in, and turned the vehicle on. Once done, he didn't pay attention to how one door was open, or how his shirt was on the verge of falling from his vehicle. Not even how only one of his boots was properly on. All he thought about as he sped off was making it to the highway, freedom, and far from the lunatic.

Foot on the pedal, Joe made a sound of victory as he finally made it to the open road. Barney was long gone in his rear view mirror. He'd find out Harvey's punishment later, right now, he had to go home. Breathing deeply, he sat back, driving down the road, and pulling his door in.

Running a hand through his hair, he barely even noticed that he'd left one of his work boots, and clean shirt on the dirt path to the farm. Later to be retrieved by a bruised, smiling, Harvey.