The Note

"There are more where these came from."

No thoughts could go through my mind. Only a single word kept flashing in their place; danger. I'd come home late today, having to finish up some papers at work for a client. Leo had said he'd be fine waiting for me, understanding that this was not a normal thing, and not something that could be helped. How he could easily cope with it, was one of the things that I fell for in him.

But all happy thoughts would cease as I came home. Set my things in as usual, call for him. When he didn't answer, I shrugged, figuring he went out for a few minutes. Then, went for the mail, pulling my cell phone out along the way to call him, ask what he was planning for dinner. My stomach was growling, mind answering with a hopeful tone that maybe it would be my favorite.

Speed dialing him, fingering through the mail, I picked it all up. As it sat between my ears and shoulder, I walked the hall from the door back to the kitchen. Ring, ring; ring, ring. The droning in my ears was irritating me. Why wouldn't Leo pick up?

Sighing, I ended the call, sitting at the table. Going through the mail, I flipped through making piles; junk, bills, letters, and the likes, until one caught my eye. It had only my name on it. No address, not even a return address. All it said was "Zack Hope".

Curious, I moved everything else out of the way, inspecting the letter. Simple envelope, and when I played with the bottom of it, I felt there were some suspicious contents within it. Thinking for a moment, I wondered 'could it be some sort of poison?' Shaking the idea from my mind, I pulled my letter opener over, opening the interesting piece of mail.

With a bored noise, I pulled a single piece of paper out, dumping the contents onto the table without a single look at them. My eyes only scanned the paper, widening with the realization of the words written on it. "There are more where these came from." Heart beating wildly, I looked at the contents, horrified to see they were finely clipped nails. Picking up one, I swallowed noticing the shimmer of the colour in the light.

I'd bought Leo the nail polish last Christmas, and seeing this, I knew something had to be wrong. Leo would never mail his own nails home. He was too vain to even consider it. Considering all the money spent on the man's expensive wardrobe of lingerie, dressed, and of course normal mans clothing amongst it. That did not even include Leo's entire make up collection.

A deep breath I didn't realize I was holding in escaped me. Hand shaking, I reached for my cell phone. The police had to be told that Leo had been kidnapped. My beloved, had been taken from me. Along with that, I had to hand them the note. Possibly the kidnapper had left something behind. Though, it was hard for me to punch in the numbers with the constant shaking. As well, how I couldn't tear my eyes from the slip of paper, staring in horror as the situation was still settling into my mind.

In the end, the only thought that came to mind was; danger. Leo was in possible, or sure danger.