Vampire Valentines

Oh my sweet Darling, my Valentine,

I am yours, and you are mine.

Smile, for the world is dying,

Love, listen to their crying,

For we are the immortal ones,

Our love will keep our race undying.

We are hard for them to find,

And yet they still have our deaths in mind!

Let them try to find what they cannot by sight,

For we are invincible in the dark of night,

My Love, the sun is gone, no longer around,

Let this haunting night be our playground.

Let's outspread our black wings, my Paramour,

Let us take flight from this blood dripping closed door,

Those who hunt us, let them be our prey,

For they are coming our way,

They're upon us, I can smell their blood,

In tight grasp their stakes may lay.

My Love, the stake piercing your heart,

It's causing me pain, making me fall apart.

These worthless humans killing you this day,

They think they kill me with their weaponry of gray,

But alas, I'm not dying of sorrow or weapons thereof,

I'm leaving so I can be with you, my Love.

Oh my sweet Darling, my dead Valentine,

Not even death can tear us asunder this time,

Not even the demons can take me from you,

They can try, but it matters not what they do,

Oh, my Love, take me by the hand,

My Dearest Valentine, I'm forever with you.