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Chapter Three – Everyone Is At Fault

Jeremiah crashed across the alley, stumbled back up to his feet quickly and continued sprinting for his life. Hoards of Executioners were hot on his trail. Even if it was late past midnight and the alleys were dark, the huge pool of Omega particles that oozed forth from his wounds enabled them to sense his presence.

And to hunt him down as well.

A bright flash of light exploded before him as an Executioner ripped apart the air before him and exited out of a portal. Almost instantaneously, Jeremiah felt the cold barrel of a revolver pressing against his forehead.

Damn it … they … they sent a teleporting Executioner after me? How – how?

He stared right into the eyes of the bespectacled Executioner before him. And in the next moment, he silently activated his psychic abilities and attempted to seize the Executioner's will under his control – but to no avail.

There was a soft beeping pulse from the Executioner's wristwatch.

The eyebrows of the Executioners rose up in amazement and looked from Jeremiah to his wristwatch then back to Jeremiah.

"Oh. You were trying to use your psychic me into releasing you?"

The teleporting-Executioner chuckled.

"Foolish. Is this your first encounter with us? Do you think we Executioners hunt you down for fun? That we have nothing better to do? Let me tell you this – we are determined to eliminate each and every of your kind and of other kinds. And people like me, are professional killers. We will stop at nothing to kill you and your other monster friends."

Tears were brimming in Jeremiah's eyes.

"Now, now, vampire, don't cry. I'm not going to kill you just yet. You are a Class B monster. And a B-One at that, almost an A-Five. You are kept alive because you are of use to the Court. Count yourself lucky."

Jeremiah dried his tears. Suddenly, the sorrow and fear within him were washed away by a new emotion gushing forth into his inhuman heart.

His life … seemed not to matter as much anymore.

There was no way he would serve the Court. Never. He was brought up to struggle against the humans, not to serve them as slaves.

This new feeling overflowing within his heart – it was courage.

He was going to kill to this Executioner, even it meant dying in the process. Making up his mind thus so, Jeremiah let loose his Omega particles, not even bothering to leave any for his own survival, bared his fangs and lunged for the Executioner's neck.

The Executioner had already sensed something was amiss when the vampire had suddenly fell silent. He was prepared.

The revolver in his hands rang out.

The gunshot rang out.

Yet, Jeremiah did not fall. Nor was the Executioner bitten or successfully slain by Jeremiah.

There was a new existence – a man between the Executioner and Jeremiah. His hand was outstretched, gloved over the barrel of the pistol. Using his other free hand, he caught Jeremiah by his throat and had him lifted into the air.

The Executioner was stunned by the stranger's sudden appearance, but he quickly awoke from his shock by an abrupt pain in his shoulder. He felt it with his other hand.

It was wet. Blood. The bullet he had fired apparently ricocheted back through the barrel of the gun and into his palm, piercing through the entire length of his arm, all the way till the back of his shoulder where it exited.

How – how was this stranger unaffected by the gunfire? How did the bullet ricochet off his gloved palm? Was he friend or foe?

The Executioner had no answer to the questions. Yet he knew that if this man was the enemy, there was no way he would live to tell the tale.

At this point of time, the stranger was frowning.

"What – what's wrong? Who …. Are you?" The Executioner managed to squeeze out two incomplete sentences.

"Me? You are unworthy of knowing my identity. And what's this? Your Beta Concentration is so low? Barely any higher than a normal human …. I don't even need my blade to kill you …"

The Executioner's irises tightened into a small dot of fear as the stranger released a bout of alien energy into his frame.

He knew it was something similar to the Omega particles of the monsters the Court were hunting. Yet – yet there was something different about it. It … was more toxic.

The Executioner knew no more. He had long exploded into bits and meshes of flesh and blood.

The stranger nodded his head, as if satisfied with the grotesque mess of the alley he had made and turned to Jeremiah. He lowered the vampire to the ground and released hold of his neck.

"You. I've never seen your kind before. How long has your kind existed?"

Jeremiah knew better than to annoy the stranger. After all, the enemy of your enemy are friends. And that was what this stranger was to him.

"Sir – sir, we …. We have only existed for one to two centuries. I … I was born two decades ago …"

"No one was asking your age." The man snapped. He released a slight portion of the particles that he had used to terminate the Executioner, to erase the bit of blood which had stained his clothes and hands when the Executioner exploded.

He then placed his palm flat against Jeremiah's chest.

"You – you …" Is this man going to kill me as he did to the Executioner?

"Shut up and stay still."

Warmth. Jeremiah felt warmth as he was bathed in the particles that hovered gently about him.

"I've concealed the Omega particles you were leaking all over the place. It will last for two weeks. After that, you are on your own again."

Jeremiah's mouth fell agape in awe. Never once, had he heard of such strength of a fellow non-human kind – one that could seal Omega particles within its container. It was the decree of evolution, that beta would be superior to delta.

And that Omega, the family of particles that mysteriously dawned upon earth a few millenniums ago when the Alpha approached this dimension, would be much more inferior than both the Beta and Delta.

The Beta were able to breed within their containers, and through sexual intercourse and reproduction, produce even more containers.

Delta on the other hand, were container-less, until the Alpha taught them how to obtain ones for themselves.

And the Omega, came to Earth in containers, yet had short and brief lifespans due to the inevitability of their Omega Particles leaking out of the containers. Once all of their Omega particles dissipated, their existence would come to an end. Thus unlike the Beta and Delta, the Omega can never reincarnate.

Unless, Jeremiah thought, unless this man before him that could seal the Omega particles with his own, was one of the legendary Kings.

Without any further thought, Jeremiah collapsed to his knees and began kowtowing to the master before him.

"Jeremiah pays his utmost respects to Elder Master …. Would Qian Bei, you, be generous enough to enlighten me, Wan Bei, of your identity?"

"Me? Hehe. I'm Ming."

Ming glanced at the young Omega kneeling before him.

"Young one. I have a question for you."

"It would be my pleasure to provide you with an answer, Sir."

Ming fell silent.

"Have you heard of the Deltas, and where they are now?"

"Del- Deltas? No, sir, I have never heard of them."

Ming frowned. "Are you sure? People like me?"

There was a sparkle within Jeremiah's eyes. People like Ming …. The power … the strength …

Ming threw out his arm above his head and materialized his Alpha Blade within his hands. He had earlier on shrank and shape-shifted the Alpha Blade into the ring upon his index finger. He would have ran into trouble if he carried a sword about the city.

"This Blade … have you seen this elsewhere before?"

Jeremiah did not answer. He had been instantly induced into a state of shock the moment Ming had brandished his Alpha Blade. This Blade …. Jeremiah had seen it only once …. In the great Millennium Battle eight years ago, where all the Omegas gathered together to defend their lands against huge massive-scaled attacks from the Court.

And when it appeared that they were losing … The legendary Kings emerged from seclusion, five of them, with forty of their vassal Knights to wipe out and massacre each and every of the enemy.

All Five Kings and their Knights were wielding this Blade …

Even if this Blade could shape-shift … the aura … the definite pulsating stench of this blade was totally unmistakable. It was the aura of a King, a victor, one so majestic, so great, so triumphant that it manifested as an oppressive and suppressive blanket of absolute power. Jeremiah instantaneously felt this suffocating pressure about his chest, one that hindered in his breathing.

Ming fell impatient. "Have you seen this Blade before?"

"Ye-yes …. Sir …. This … this … I can bring you to where the Kings are …"


"Yes sir … I – Let me tell you of them …."

The night was almost over. In the horizon, the first rays of the sun were already creeping across the lands. Atop the roof of a skyscraper, two men stood.

Ming stared down from the roof to the alley where he had slain the Executioner. It was, moments ago, flooded by waves after waves of Executioners, yet now with the dawn of a new day, they were retreating. Their mission was over.

They had found nothing. No trace. No hint, as to what happened.

Only the bloody remains of an Executioner whose body was exploded from within.

Ming chuckled. If he had used his Alpha Blade, the lifeless, Beta-less container of the dead Executioner would instantly alert the Court of the presence of a Delta in the vicinity. Ming was wise enough to not send hoards of Bishops on his trail.

Instead, he had just used mortal wounds to destroy the container of the Executioner and erase the Beta Particles released from the container with his own Delta particles.

He then swept the alley clean of any Omega Particles Jeremiah might had leaked.

No trace. Clean.

And the duo then fled up the skyscraper. There, Ming flooded the young vampire with rounds after rounds of questions. Ming was still new to this world. After all, many things could have had happened in three centuries.

Apparently, the numbers of Omegas had risen towards the dawn of a new Millennium – 2000 B.C. With the dwindling of the number of Deltas, the Executioners no longer focused on the termination of the Deltas but on that of the Omegas. After all, the Omegas were very much weaker and easier to rid the world of.

The Executioners, in order to continue on their mission of maintaining champion in the race of evolution, began recruiting even more comrades. They then pulled strings …. Gathered political ties … financial strength … whatever they wanted …. Nothing could be denied of them.

And the strongest hundred Executioners were then made Bishops, ruling over the thousands of Executioners. Together, all of them formed the Court, an almost omnipotent existence on the surface of the Earth. There was almost no where their unseen hand could not reach.

This Court, was headed by one man, the Chief Justice.

He had many other names, the Judge, the Hand of God, the Commissioner, and so on and so forth. But one thing was certain of him, and that was his power.

It was supreme over the entire Court.

Ming fell silent. Such a massive scaled organization … could he pit himself against the Court? He remembered … three centuries ago …. The Court was but a small Cult of below a thousand followers … the Executioners ….

And now … Ming wasn't sure if he was confident of victory anymore. But again, they had never won. The Betas, the humans … they were always winning.

"It ain't fair." Jeremiah suddenly sputtered down and cried. "It ain't fair …"

Ming tore his eyes away from the city view and turned his gaze upon the young vampire.

"It ain't our fault that we were born Omegas … what wrong did we do? We just wanted to live … to co-exist …. We didn't harm anyone … we didn't … not until the humans began hunting us down … It ain't fair that we are so weak … that we could not put up a fight against them …. It ain't our fault!"

Ming closed his eyes and then in an abrupt moment of fury, he shot his arm forth and caught the vampire's throat with it. He crashed the back of the young vampire against the metal frame of the skyscraper and pinned him down.

"Listen, young one." Ming seethed furiously through his teeth almost maniacally. "Everything in the world is fair. And it is our fault. Everyone is at fault, that we are losing now. Omegas …. Deltas …. Betas … we all emerged and began our race of evolution equal in the sea … the soup of life …We had every opportunity that the humans had … to mutate … to grow … to evolve … But why? Why are we weaker? Why must the Deltas wield the Alpha Blades to be able to be on par with them? Why must the Omegas hide and run away from the Court? Why? Because we have gone down on the wrong path of the forked route … the forked route of evolution and the humans chose the right path to evolve forth …"

Jeremiah could not choose but to stare in shock into the eyes of the angry Delta.

"You can choose to blame anyone … blame our ancestors for choosing the wrong path … but let me tell you this … we are all at fault … you want to deny? Sure, so be it. But that is the truth … There is no luck, bad luck … good luck … both do not exist … things happen because they are meant to happen. That is time … the law of the universe … you are born an Omega because time arranged for you to … because you are meant to be an Omega. Your life has already been written out for you since the moment this universe was created … Don't come telling me that it's unfair … I have lived long enough to know better than that."

With that, Ming released his grip of the young vampire's neck and allowed Jeremiah to slump down to the floor. He looked away from the choking vampire, who sputtered and gasped for air.

"All I'm saying, young one, is that … don't go around complaining and whining about how sucky your situation is. There are others worse off. Just fight. Kill as many of the Court's men as you can. And at the end of the day, when they finish you off, you know that … that you have tried your best."

Jeremiah's breathing had finally eased off and was busy drying his tears.

"I guess – I guess you are right, Sir."

Ming licked his dry lips and sealed away his Alpha Blade back into its ring form.

"Then let's get going."

"To - to where, sir?" Jeremiah stared at the man before him. Previously, the darkness of the night had cloaked this man and in so doing, shielded most of him from sight. Yet, now that the sun had partially risen, Jeremiah noticed that this man was not really a man at all. He was but a student of around 17 years of age.

Jeremiah, however, knew from his experiences that appearances were definitely deceiving.

"To the Kings you mentioned of. And you are going to bring me to them." Ming finally replied.