Conflict of Interest

He said girls can't play guitar.

She said his lyrics were whiney.

He said she looked stupid with red hair,

Like some freaky ginger kid.

She said he should wear a bag over his head,

The audience would appreciate it.

He wore goggles and drank beer on Fridays.

She wore ski caps and cooed over fruit juice and Sprite.

He wore brand new Vans and drove a truck;

A junk bucket.

She wore scuffed Converse and ran.

Or hitchhiked.

He said she was a bitch.

She said he was a moron.

He said she was kinda cute when she was mad.

She told him to get a life.

She liked his brother best.

Written for my poetry class and... I rather like it. Meh. Let me know what you think.