Chapter One

I'm continuing the story a bit so that everyone can get a bit more of a hint as to where I plan on taking this if I do continue it. Also, if someone has free time and wants to edit it, or just give me some tips feel free to do so!

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Back on the hill a rushing sound gradually built up until the raven haired boy could no longer ignore it. His glare sharpened as he looked around for the source, finding nothing until he looked up. There, barely a hundred feet above him and falling quickly was a girl approximately his age. Instinctively he held out his arms and caught her – giving way to the pull of gravity and pulling her to him let them both roll down the hill to soften the impact of falling. They tumbled as her momentum carried them far beyond the bottom of the hill out into the middle of a field of high grass. She ended up on top. The girl peered down at the boy beneath her slender body, a cheery unconcerned smile was on her lips, "Oh, hello!" The spiky boy beneath her glowered, "Oh, bite me."

The fallen star girl scrunched up her nose, "I do believe I shall pass on that," then seeing his confused expression and mistaking it for disappointment continued, "But maybe next time?" The star girls' voice as she said this was all innocence, without even a drop of sarcasm, this innocence continued into the fact that she didn't seem to be the least disturbed by the face that she was lounging on top of a perfect stranger, rather, she seemed quite at home – examining her first earthling.

There were several differences between her appearance and that of the boys, differences that would give away the fact that she wasn't the same species as him. Her facial and bone structure for instance, it was as though she didn't have defined features – instead they seemed to morph from one to another. Fortunately for her, the boy was torn between being in a state of shock that he had caught a random girl falling out of the sky and anger that someone had dared disturb his alone time. As she stared at the spiky boy her features seemed to finally settle. Her eyes turned jaw-droppingly blue with an almost black ring around them, an outline that now matched her hair color which blended with the midnight sky. Her facial features looked angelic; large eyes, big soft lips, a soft straight nose. She had turned into a very feminized subtlety similar version of the boy beneath her – but not quite so much as to be obvious like a sister.