Chapter Three

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Over at the campus of North Carolina State University the astrology student had pulled out his laptop and was hastily typing away.

"February 12, 2008 – At approximately two a.m. a bright light flashed near the surface of the planet I have been observing. The light appeared to be a projectile of sorts moving at phenomenal speeds. And it was headed towards the earth. The glow it created hitting the atmosphere mere minutes later lit up the entire sky for a fraction of a second. It appeared to land somewhere in the suburbs north of Raleigh. I'm going to go search the surrounding areas and see what is out there.'

Leaving his most recently added entry saved to the bottom of his research paper the lone student shut the laptop and stuffed his belongings in a beat up old khaki messenger bag. Throwing the strap over his shoulder he sprinted towards his equally beat up Jeep.

Across town the two blue eyed teenagers were still an awkward mess of tangled limbs. The petite girl shivered, drawing attention to her lack of clothing which had previously gone unnoticed. Now here bare skin seemed to faintly glow in the light of the midnight moon. The movement brought spiky out of his angry reverie and his eyes widened to the size of saucers as he realized he had a naked girl in his arms.

Still in the late teenage years a flash of awkwardness at being in such close proximity to a nude member of the opposite sex made him scramble backwards out from under her. As the cold night air rushed in to take away the warmth his form had given off, more shivers racked the girls' body. The boy had shrugged out of his jacket and pulled his shirt over his head – thrusting it towards the violently shivering girl before he realized what he was doing. "Here," The puzzled expression on her face left little doubt that she had no idea what he was doing. A bit of frustration mixed with the stress and anger of a long day colored his next words with a harsh undertone, "Look, just put it on!"

Hesitantly she reached out and took the soft cotton t-shirt, immediately slipping it over her head and pulling it down till the hem brushed her mid-thigh. Covered, and warmer, her cheery smile returned, "Thank you sir." Receiving no response she peered into the darkness around her, the puzzled expression once more forming upon her features, causing her brow to crease and a slight frown to tug at her lips.

As the girl made no effort to start a conversation the boy got antsier and antsier. He searched the darkness, trying to find what kept her mind so entrapped thinking, but found nothing of interest. Finally, unable to control the streams of questions running through his mind any longer he burst out, "Who are you anyway? And what do you think you're doing intruding on my space like this?"

Momentarily surprise flitted across her face, before it settled on a peaceful bemused look, "I'm Selena. If I knew where 'your space' was I could give you a better answer to your second question. But now one of my own, who are you?"

"You don't know where you are? How is that possible? Why don't you have any clothes? Why were you falling out of the sky?" More of the boys' questions tumbled over one another trying to find their way out of the boys' brain and mouth. "Oh right, I'm Josh."

"Well Josh, I know I'm a long ways from home. And I know I'm all alone. But that's really the only thing I do know…" Her peaceful look was disturbed, her eyes widening until she looked like a lost puppy, "I don't know where I am, how I got here, or what to do now."