I was sitting in the front of the car, my best friends and boyfriend sitting in the back. I smiled sheepishly and said, "Sorry, James." James had fire red hair that glowed brilliantly in the sun and dark brown eyes. He smiled and said, "It's alright, Katherine." My best friend, Shannan, with her hazel eyes and blonde hair, looked at me. She said, "Sure, don't apologize to us." I laughed and said, "Sorry, Shannan." I then looked at my other friend, Alyssa, with her brown red hair, and blue eyes hidden behind her rectangular glasses. "Sorry, Alyssa." Alyssa was the one I told my secrets to and Shannan was the one who messed around. They were my two BEST friends.

But, when they got together against me, it was horrible. Like when they hooked me up with James. I love James, but the way they set us up was horrible. My mother, with her black hair and blonde highlights, with her brown eyes, got into the car and asked, "Are we ready?" We all nodded our heads, and headed down the road.

I didn't realize that I had not buckled up, but we were almost there, so it was pointless. I had to get my mother's mind off of things. Like my dad, for instance. He was a soldier, sent to Iraq, and we had no idea when he was coming back. My little brother was at home with a baby-sitter. He was only six, and we didn't think he wanted to see Cloverfield that much. And I kinda didn't want him to embarrass me.

My mom noticed me not buckled, and ordered, "Katherine, buckle up now!" I laughed and said, "Oh come on, Mom, we're almost there! What's the point in buckling now?"

It then came out of now where. A huge 18 wheeler came speeding into my mom's side of the car, sending us hurdling into the air. I heard the screams of my mother, friends, and my love. My head banged against the ceiling a couple of times. I then passed out, feeling wetness against my head.

Where am I? What happened? I started to open my eyes and saw that I was in a white room. I turned painfully to see my uncle's fiancé, who I'd known since I was born, sitting in a corner, crying. I said, "Mary-Kate?" My voice sounded hoarse and it hurt to talk. She must've heard me, for she jerked up her head, and ran to me. She hugged me tightly. It hurt so badly, but I decided to try and ignore it.

I felt a throbbing pain in my head. She sobbed and said, "Katherine, thank the lord you're alright!" She let me go and looked at me. It was painful to see her eyes red and full of tears. I asked, "What happened?" She pulled a chair, sat in it, and held my right hand. She said, "Katherine, you were in a car crash three days ago. You have broken your left arm, right leg, and your head is banged up. The doctors said that if you were buckled, you would've…." She couldn't continue. She didn't have to. I knew what she meant.

I would be dead. But, that means…. "How are the others?" I asked, my voice cracking. I had a good guess, but I didn't want to believe it. She started to cry even more. She embraced me once again and yelled, "Oh, Katherine! I'm so sorry!" My eyes widened. I was right.

They were dead. My boyfriend, my two only friends, and….my mother?! No! She couldn't be dead! I then sat up, ignoring the wires on me. Mary-Kate said, "No, Katherine, don't!" I ignored her. I had to see my mother.

I got of the bed on my right leg, only to fall immediately. They yet hadn't put a cast on it. Mary-Kate, out of fear, couldn't do anything. I started to limp into the hallway. I heard her yell from the room, "Katherine, wait!" I couldn't. My mother couldn't be dead.

I walked to the nurse, who looked at me wide eyed. I said, "Nancy…..I need to see my mother, Nancy!" She ran from behind the counter, saying, "You need to get back into bed." She grabbed my shoulder and I slapped it off. I yelled, "I want to see my mom!"

She said, "Oh dear. Doctor!" A man with blonde hair and green eyes came running towards us. I turned around and said, "Mom….please. Where are you?" I started to walk the opposite way. As I walked, I then saw an open door to a room. I turned and saw her. She was horrible. Blood was covering her, and bruises were every where. She wasn't breathing. I limped over to her, crying. I reached her bed.

I cried even more. She was dead. I whispered, "You-you can't die. You're my mom. You're suppose to stay alive." I held my head between my hands and screamed, "Please wake up! Please let this all be a horrible nightmare! Shannan! Alyssa! James! Mom! You guys can't die!"

I fell to the floor, my brain actually now giving me the pain. I lied on my side, and sobbed. They were dead. They, the ones I cared about, were dead. I then heard feet behind me, and a male voice yelled, "Here she is!" I was then embraced. I looked out the corner of my eye to see….a boy? I recognized him as my social studies partner, Mason. He was Shannan's cousin and at one point I had a crush on him, but it died out when we stayed just friends. I almost forgotten him.

He cried in my shoulders. He said, "I'm glad you're alright! I heard!" I then heard more footsteps. I then looked up to see Mike, Shannan's dad, Kim, her mother, Kasey, her sister, Alyssa's parents, and then James's parents. Kasey fell to the floor and hugged me tightly. She whispered, "Why? Why did she die?" I took it they were all dead. Mary-Kate was right.

I cried even more. I lost them. The people I loved so much. The ones I gave my deepest secrets to. Dead. I could never see their smiling faces anymore. I then said, with my still hoarse voice, "I want to see them." I was lifted by my cousin, Robert, who I didn't realize was there.

I was first brought into Shannan's room. She looked peaceful, and had a smile on her face. Even in death, she smiles: I thought, tears coming down more: I'm going to miss her smile. I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Then, I was in Alyssa's room. She looked peaceful, and, like Shannan, had a smile on her face, but also blood. I loved her too. She had kept her promise. She would take my secrets to the grave. I kissed her cheek, and we left.

Finally, James's room. I tried to hold back tears. No longer would I see his hair shine in the sunlight. No longer would we be able to hug. No longer would our lips meet each others. I then leaned down and kissed his lips one last time.

Two weeks later

I stood on my crutches and watched as they laid the four coffins into the ground. They were all buried next to each other. My arm was in a pocket like thing that wrapped around my neck, and my leg was in a white cast. The funeral ended and we walked towards the car. Caleb, my little brother, cried. He didn't understand. His father was gone, and now his mother. He would never see them together again.

My uncle, Neal, drove the car. All of our stuff was in the back of his giant blue truck. We were headed, from my state Louisiana, to Colorado, the place they were to be wed, and live. They both were out of college; masteries included, and had wonderful jobs.

I clutched three things in my hands. One was a picture of my mom and dad, my dad in his army uniform. He had blonde hair, and blue eyes. Just like me. That was the last picture before he was shipped off. The second was a picture with me, James, Shannan, and Alyssa. The third was my stuffed polar bear, Bear-Bear. I name her that when I was three and stuck with it. She was given to me the day I was born, from my deceased grandfather. I always came to her when I needed comfort, even if she was inanimate.

My uncle decided to break the silence, "Katherine, Caleb, we've had a talk with the school in Denver. You start next week." I didn't mind. School would most likely get my mind off things. My brother never hated school. First grade and he loved it. He let out a happy, "Yes!" and went back to playing his DS.

I smiled. To be young and not understand any of this. I said, "Thank you, Neal, Mary-Kate. I'll help in anyway I can around the house." Mary-Kate faced me, smiled, and said, "No you won't. You're staying off that leg for a good while, young lady." I forced a smile and nodded my head.

I stared out the window as we passed Arkansas. It was a long drive, and I thought we were going to make it. We did leave early, and my uncle could stay up for more than 48 hours straight. I then asked, "Are there any kids my age in our new neighborhood?" Mary-Kate said happily, "Oh yes, Katherine, there are! There's three fourteen year old girls, Tami, Crystal, and Katelyn. Their not related, but they're all best friends. Also, two 15 year old boys, Josh and Chris. They're brothers. Oh and Mike, he's 15 too. He's shy though, and very quiet."

I then leaned my head against my pillow. The cover felt nice. I then wrapped myself around the light blue blanket my mother made me a year ago for Christmas. I then fell into a deep sleep.

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