"Katherine, wake up. We're home." I awoke to see Mary-Kate's smiling face. I asked, "Where are we?" She smiled and said, "Your new home." I slowly got out of the car, holding tightly onto my three things. It was dark. Nighttime actually. I looked at the house and gasped. I heard Mary-Kate giggle. I never saw their house, and now that I have, I was speechless. It was a two-story house. It was as tall as the others surrounding it. Mary-Kate said, "Let's get you to bed, dear."

I looked at the back of the car to see our stuff gone. Mary-Kate led me inside the house, and helped me up some stairs. She said, "Your room is up here. Neal brought in your stuff already." The house was dark except for a light here and there. I was in a room across from my brother's, who was already curled up in his bed with his stuffed red dragon plushie and deep in sleep.

The room was light blue, had a desk with a computer, a TV, a closet, a window that faced the moon, and a silk bed. I hugged Mary-Kate with my right arm, and yelled, "Thank you guys so much!" She hugged me back and said, "We want you to be happy here. We contacted your dad and he said you two are to stay with us. He's not leaving for at least a year." I felt hurt. I would miss him dearly, and wondered how he dealt with the news of my mother. I then looked at Mary-Kate and said, "I think I'll go to bed now."

She nodded. She said, "There's a park in the middle of the neighborhood, bout three minutes away, if you want to go tomorrow." I smiled and said, "Ok." I then got into the bed, and Mary-Kate kissed my forehead. She turned off the lights and walked out of the room.

I then slept. Later I dreamt of the accident, seeing the blood of everyone. I cried as I saw them getting hurt. I then saw them being rushed to the hospital. First I saw them crying. Shannan was crying horribly, Alyssa was screaming from the pain, and my mom and James were screaming my name. I cried more.

I woke with a start. It was a horrible nightmare. I then felt something move down my cheek. I reached up and touched it. It was wet. I was crying. I looked at a lime green clock on the wall and it read 9:24 AM. I got up and walked to the closet. My clothes were all in there. I picked out a black tank top and blue jeans. The easiest things to get dressed with by myself.

I then walked to the desk and saw a pencil and paper. I then turned to the window and saw the park. Easy enough to get to by myself. I wrote a note telling Mary-Kate I needed time alone, and was going to the park. I picked up some tape and opened the door. I placed the paper on the front of the door. I then quickly remembered my phone, and grabbed it, placing it in my pocket.

I then walked down the stairs, surprisingly being easy, and headed for my crutch. I grabbed it and took off my sling for my left arm. It was feeling better and I could move it a little. I then headed out the door, carefully closing it quietly as to not wake anybody up. I then saw a light blue car drive down the street.

I saw the park and went in its general direction. I saw two boys ride pass me on skateboards. One had black messy hair, and wore a green shirt and blue jeans. The other had brown hair, and wore a black shirt and blue jeans. The black haired saw me and whispered to his buddy. They then continued to the park.

I sighed. Being the new girl would be hard at school on Monday. I remembered that it was Saturday and had two days left. Mary-Kate and Neal would probably take Caleb shopping for our school supplies. I would convince them to let me stay home. I then felt my crutch hit something and I started to fall to the ground. I hit the ground hard and saw my phone skid on the sidewalk, at least two feet away from me.

I had landed on my left arm, and winced in pain. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" I looked up to see three girls running towards me. One had short blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a blue tank top and blue jeans. Another girl had long black hair in a ponytail, with hazel eyes, and she wore a white tank top with blue jeans. The final girl had short brown hair, and she too had hazel eyes, and she wore a lime green tank top, and blue jeans.

The blonde ran to me and said, "Here, let me help you." She placed her arm under mine and pulled me up. I said, "Thank you. I must've tripped over a rock or something." The black head handed me my phone. "Thank you," I said. The blonde smiled and said, "My name's Tami Kinchen. This is Crystal May..." She pointed to the black head who smiled and waved, "And Katelyn Stevens." She pointed to the brown head, who too smiled and waved.

I smiled and said, "My name's Katherine Myer. I just moved in with Neal and Mary-Kate." Tami smiled and said, "Those two are so cute! Our parents talk with them almost every day. Are they related to you?" I nodded my head, replying, "Neal's my uncle and Mary-Kate is going to be my aunt soon."

Tami smiled and asked, "You wanna go sit on the swings?" I nodded my head and we walked towards the swings. I then saw the same black and brown haired boys. I asked, "Who are they?" Crystal answered, "Oh that's Josh and Chris. Josh is the black head and Chris is the brown head. They're kinda show offs when it comes to skating" I giggled and nodded my head, showing her that I understood. I then looked on the far side of the park to see a blonde headed, muscular boy under the shade of a castle like equipment. He was wearing a black t-shirt that showed his muscles, and blue jeans.

He caught me staring and stared right back at me. I quickly looked at the ground and felt blood rush to my face. Tami saw and asked, "Aww you like someone. Who is it?" She looked around and saw the blonde head staring at me still. Tami smiled and said, "You like Mike!" I blushed and whispered, "Do not." Tami giggled and said, "You do too, it's so obvious." Katelyn and Crystal giggled too, agreeing with her.

They acted as they had been my best friends forever. I wanted to make some friends, and they already accepted me. I looked up at Mike and he still stared at me. I blushed and turned back to Tami. She was so out going and beautiful. Katelyn and Crystal were beautiful too. They all seemed so nice to accept me on my first official day here.

We sat on the swing and I dug in my pocket for my phone but felt a hole. "Oh dang it," I said. Tami looked at me, concerned, and asked, "What's wrong?" I replied, "My phone fell out."

I then looked at the ground and sighed. I then saw white sneakers in front of me. I looked up and again felt my blood rush to my face. Mike was standing over me, and holding out my phone. "I saw it fall out of your pocket," he said, placing it in my open hand. I nodded my head, feeling like a moron just staring at him. He had chocolate brown eyes, and they seemed to stare into me.

He then turned around and walked off. I watched him walk off, speechless. Tami then smiled and whispered to the other two, "Knew it." My phone vibrated and I looked at the screen. It was Mary-Kate.

I answered it, "Hey, Mary-Kate." "Katherine, where are you?! Are you ok?!" I smiled and replied, "Yes, I'm fine. I'm hanging out with some friends at the park." Tami, Katelyn, and Crystal's eyes lit up at the word 'friends'. "You're already making friends, that's great. Listen, Neal, Caleb, and I are going school shopping. You wanna come?" I looked at my new friends and said, "No thanks. I'm going to hang out with the girls." "Alright. Be back around dinner." The line went dead.

I placed my phone in the other pocket, and was then embraced in six arms. I looked to see the girls hugging me. Tami said, "Yeah, we're your friends!" The girls and I then giggled.

We then went to the tables and played truth or dare.

"Bye, guys! See you Monday!" I waved to my new friends and headed home. I walked down the street, and heard footsteps behind me. I looked at the corner of my eye to see Mike following me. I gulped. He then walked right passed me. I then reached my house and saw that he lived next door to me. "Great," I muttered, blushing. I then walked into the house.

It was finally Monday. I spent Sunday hanging with the girls, and again, saw Mike. "Katherine, the bus will be here any second!" Mary-Kate cried from the living room. I ate my final piece of toast and grabbed my backpack. Unlike Louisiana, Colorado didn't have uniforms here, thank goodness, and Colorado used backpacks instead of binders. I was going to like it here.

I then grabbed my crutch and headed out the door, yelling, "Bye, Mary-Kate I love you. Be good, Caleb!" I then heard Mary-Kate yell she loved me too, and Caleb just muttered something. I then saw the bus, and it stopped in front of my house. I looked out the corner of my eye for Mike, but didn't see him. The bus opened and I held my crutch as I headed up the steps. The doors closed behind me, and I walked down the aisle, looking for my friends.

There were no seats left. When I reached them, they looked apologetic. Tami said, "Oh, we're so sorry, Katherine. We wanted to save you a seat but couldn't. I'm sorry." I smiled and said, "It's alright." Katelyn said, "Let us see your schedule. We want to see if you have any classes with us." I dug in my pocket and handed her my schedule. "Hey, you!" I turned to see the bus driver, a woman, looking at me in her mirror. "You need to hurry-" I then saw her advert her eyes to my crutch. "Oh," she said, "Um, please find a seat." I smiled and said, "Yes, ma'am."

I then looked around and there was really nowhere to sit. I then saw a seat with only one person, but I blushed. It was Mike. I sighed and went to sit by him. When I sat down, I saw him look at me out of the corner of his eyes. I blushed and turned away. We then made it to school. The bus let us out. I quickly got out and let Mike go ahead of me, waiting for my friends. He walked and looked at me again. I then got ahead of my friends. I walked down the aisle, feeling trapped with my crutch. Katelyn told me we only had two classes together, math and science, two beginning classes. I had one class with Crystal and that was math with Katelyn. I then had one class with Tami, and it was third hour P.E.

I listened to them, not paying attention to the stairs. I then accidentally put my crutch in front of my foot, and fell out the bus. I heard Tami scream my name. I then landed on someone's chest. I looked up and it was Mike. "What-" "I was waiting for you to get off so I could talk to the bus driver about how I was getting home today," he said. I hurriedly got off of his chest, and grabbed my crutch. The girls and I then moved out of his way. Tami said, "Katherine, you sure are a klutz." I wasn't listening to what else she said. I turned and looked at Mike as he entered the bus.

I then walked to my locker. I placed my lunch in it, and slammed it shut. I walked with my friends down the hallway. That's when I saw the brown haired boy with ice blue eyes, and a red haired boy with hazel eyes. The brown haired pointed at me and asked, "Hey, aren't you that Louisianan that moved up here?" I gulped. Here it came. The teasing.

I nodded my head. He smiled and asked, "You mad that they don't have boats to take you to your house?" I flinched back. Tami then stepped in front of me and yelled, "Can it, Danny!" Danny ignored her and said to me, "I'm sorry if we don't speak hick here." Katelyn stepped forward, saying, "Just because she speaks differently, doesn't mean she doesn't speak English." The red head replied, "Because she doesn't speak English. She speaks hick." Crystal stepped up and said, "Shut up, Thomas!"

I then walked ahead of them, trying to find a bathroom before I cried. I then tripped over something. My backpack flung over me, spilling my books, and my crutch skidding across the hallway. People stopped to stare. I sat up and turned around. I saw a leg sticking out. I looked up and it was Thomas's. He smiled sarcastically and said, "Oops, sorry, hick." He and Danny then began to laugh.

I turned away from them, my vision becoming blurry from the tears forming in my eyes. I then saw legs on the ground and hands pick my books up, placing them back in my backpack. I looked to see Mike gathering my stuff, my crutch by his side. He handed me my backpack and said, "Here."

I felt angry with him. I didn't want to show that I needed help. I didn't want to show everyone I was weak. I leaned by him and took my crutch, placing my backpack on my back. He held out a hand, and I slapped it away. My crutch supporting me, I stood up. I looked at Thomas, his eyes closed from laughing so hard. I placed my crutch on the wall and made a fist. I then walked to him and punched him in the face.

Danny and Thomas then looked at me. I smirked and said, "You can call me a hick, but you know what my friends called me back in Baton Rouge?" They didn't answer. I smiled and said, "They called me Black Belt Girl because I'm a first degree Black Belt." Thomas then stood up from the ground and walked towards me. "What's going on here?"

I turned to see a man in a brown suit. Thomas said, "Nothing, Principal Smith. Just getting acquainted with the new student." Principal Smith looked at me and smiled. He asked, "You're from Louisiana, right?" I nodded my head. He smiled even more and asked, "Do you know how to make gumbo?" I smiled and nodded my head. "My grandmother's recipe is the best," I told him.

He replied, "Well we're having a school charity sale and not most people here have had gumbo. Would you make some?" I smiled and said, "My uncle and I would be glad to." The principal smiled and walked away. The first bell then rang and Thomas and Danny walked off, glaring at me. Tami and the others said they had to hurry to class, they couldn't get another tardy.

It was just Mike and me. I grabbed my crutch and headed for Math. "You know, most people accept help when offered." I turned around to see him smiling at me. He was the one who spoke. I narrowed my eyebrows and said, "Yes, but most people ask for help. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm neither." I then walked off. He was by my side in a second. Not hard, considering I couldn't run or anything.

He said, "Yes, but you didn't have to slap me." I looked at him, my eyebrows still narrowed. I replied, "Sorry for that, but if I need your help, I'll ask next time." He smiled and raised an eyebrow. "There's going to be a next time?" he asked. I blushed and looked away from him. "Why don't you leave me alone?" I asked. He laughed and said, "Because you tend to fall down and get hurt with that leg and arm." He then turned to his science class. He waved good-bye and said, "See ya, neighbor."

One month later: December 18. Christmas break.

I sighed. I put on my coat and yelled, "I'm going to the park, Mary-Kate!" She yelled from the kitchen, "Be back by supper! And take your phone." I already had it in my jacket pocket. I grabbed my crutch. My cast was off and my arm was healed, but the doctor here said that a lot of pressure on my foot could damage it.

I walked out into the snow white ground. I then headed for the park. It was hard moving the crutch in the snow, but I was a tough girl. I sighed, my breathe being visible. Tami had gone to Mississippi to visit her family for Christmas, and Crystal and Katelyn's family took them to Florida to escape the cold. I was alone.

"Where you think you're going, hick?" I gasped and turned around. Thomas and Danny were standing right behind me, smiling. Thomas punched his fist into his hand and said, "You ain't got anyone to protect you here, and it's two against one." Yeah, and they said I talked weird. I backed up, throwing my crutch into the snow, and getting into a defensive stage. I wouldn't be able to move quickly though, and these two were stupid, but not that stupid to not figure that out.

I was then snapped out of my thoughts when Thomas punched me in the face, sending me hurdling to the ground. My jacked flung off because it wasn't zipped. I had a long sleeved black shirt under it, but now I wished I had put more on. I felt the cold snow on my face, and shivered. I couldn't move.

I was then kicked in the stomach by Danny. I coughed and felt all the air being knocked out of me. I felt like I was going to throw up. Danny and Thomas smiled and Danny asked, "What's wrong, Black Belt Girl? Why won't you fight us?" I managed to choke out, "You…..cowards." Thomas smiled and asked, "We're the cowards? How so?" I couldn't say anything else. I felt too weak.

Thomas smiled and lifted his foot for a kick. I closed my eyes, and waited for the pain. I then heard something hit the ground, and feet running away. I heard a familiar voice ask, "You ok?" I opened my eyes to see Mike sitting by me. I furrowed my brows. He did it again! Why couldn't he just leave me alone?! Sure I would've been hurt, but now that would try again to get me alone.

I then weakly stood up and said, "I'm fine. Go away." I grabbed my crutch. I wanted to head home, but I didn't want Mary-Kate to see me. Maybe in an hour, there would only be a bruise, and I could tell her I ran into the pole on the slide.

I felt an aching pain in my stomach. I then headed for the park, trying to hint to Mike I wanted to be alone. It didn't work. He followed me and was soon in front of me. He was taller than me, and looked down at me, fury in his eyes. He asked, "What is your problem? I'm just trying to help." I pushed passed him and said, "Yeah, and we had a talk a month ago about that."

I continued to walk, and a second later, he was by my side. He said, "If I didn't help they would've hurt you worse." "I don't care," I responded. I tried to walk ahead of him, but it didn't work. He was again in front of me, stopping me. He looked down at me, not saying a word. I moved to the right. He got in front of me. I moved to the left, and he blocked me again. I looked into his eyes and screamed, "Go away! Leave me alone!" I was on the verge of crying.

I finally made it passed him. I dropped my crutch and ran. I ignored the pain in my leg. Besides the eyes and hair, he reminded me so much of James. James always took care of me, being protective. He had lost his sister, and didn't want to lose me. Tears fell down my face. They made my cheeks colder, but I could care less.

I then tripped over a rock, and fell to the ground. I heard Mike say my name. I sobbed, and curled into a fetus position. The cold was starting to make me shiver. I whispered, "James…..why did you have to die? Why? Why?" I then stood up, and started to limp to the slides. "Katherine, stop, you're going to hurt yourself!" Mike yelled.

Why does he care? Why should anyone but my family care? Why were they all bent on making me happy? I then reached the slide and was about to climb the ladder when Mike grabbed my arms and twirled me towards him. He looked at me and asked, "Are you crazy?! You're going to hurt yourself!" More tears streamed down my face. I yelled, "Why do you care?! Why should anyone care?!" He was silent, my sudden outburst shocking him. I screamed, "Why do you care what happens to me?!" He stared into my eyes, still not responding to me.

I was furious. I started hitting his chest, screaming, "Answer me! Why do you care?!" He ignored me. I started to cry even more. He reminded me so much of my James. I screamed, "Why don't you just leave me a-" I was then interrupted when Mike placed his lips onto mine. I felt my eyes widen and a tried to force myself off of him, but he was much stronger than me and held me firm. I kept trying to break free, but it was no use. Mike's kiss was firm, but gentle. He made the kiss much deeper than it needed to be, and I tried once again to make him stop, but it was useless.

He then finally took his lips off mine, and stared at me. He let go of my arms and looked into my eyes. At first, I didn't know what to do or say. Then, I picked up my right hand and slapped him in the face. I then ran passed him, to my home. Tears started falling more down my cheek. I made it to the house, not bothering to see if Mike was following me or not, and bolted through the door.

Mary-Kate saw my face and the tears. She asked, "Katherine, what's wrong?" I ignored her and ran up the stairs. I heard her yell my name. I then ran passed my uncle, who asked, "Katherine?" I then ran into my room, slammed the door shut, and locked the door. I ran to my bed, slammed into it, and placed my head into my pillow. I began to sob.

Neal then began to pound the door. "Katherine, what's wrong?" he yelled. There was a whole lot of concern in his voice. I yelled, "Go away, Neal! Let me be!" He jiggled the door knob once again. I then heard Caleb ask him, "What's wrong with sissy?" I then heard Mary-Kate, "Katherine, what happened?" I hated to say it, but I replied, "Go away!"

I then heard the doorbell and I heard footsteps go down the stairs. Mary-Kate asked, "Katherine, will you please tell me what happened?" So Neal answered it. I heard him downstairs say to the guest, "She's upstairs." He paused. "That's what happened?!" Again he paused. "Alright, you can go. Let me get something first."

I then heard more footsteps come up the stairs. I then heard my brother ask, "Who are you?" I heard the guest chuckle. I heard more feet come up the stairs. I then heard the door jiggle, and before I could stop him, my uncle opened the door. I looked up from my pillow and gasped.

It was Mike! He held my jacket in his arms. He dared come to me after that?! He then said to my uncle, "Thank you." He then walked in and shut the door silently. He placed my jacket on the desk. I then moved off the bed towards the corner by the window. I yelled, "Go away!" Mike walked towards me, saying, "I just want to talk." I took the nearest thing near me, and threw it at him. The minute I threw it, it was a mistake. He dodged it, and it slammed against the wall.

My eyes widened as I realized what it was. It was the picture frame my brother made me when he was three. I saw that it wasn't broken, but it was cracked slightly. I looked at him to see him walking towards me again. I yelled, "Go away! I never want to see you again!" He ignored me and walked around the bed. I grabbed my pillow and chunked it at him. It hit him right in the face, but it was a pillow, so it really didn't do anything to him.

He placed the pillow at the end of the bed. He then reached me. I picked up my right hand to slap him again, but he held it gently in his hand. I then picked up my other hand, but he again took it gently into his hands. I struggled to free myself. I yelled, "Let me go, you bastard!" I then looked to see him right in my face, his eyes yet again staring into mine. He asked, "Is that what you think of me?"

Ignoring the tears again forming, I yelled, "At the moment, yes!" He sighed and dropped my hands. He then opened the window. I looked at him, confused. He then started to climb out the window! "What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled, tugging his white long sleeved shirt, trying to pull him back in. The roof near my window was flat, and covered in snow. He started to walk on the roof, towards the edge. I climbed out of the window.

He was now a couple of inches from the edge. He looked at me and said, "You think I'm a bastard, so maybe I should just die." I cried even more. I yelled, "Don't do that! Don't kill yourself! I'm not worth it!" He looked at me, smiling. He said, "To me you are." I yelled, "Please don't kill yourself!" He chuckled and said, "But you think I'm a bastard." He then took a step towards the edge.

There was no other way. I yelled, "I don't! I don't think you are!" He looked at me and said, "Yes you do." I shook my head, and screamed, "No, I don't!" I meant it this time. He must've known that, for he took a step forward. I smiled, but then he stepped back. I looked at him and asked, "What?! What is it?!" He smiled and said, "You don't love me, so what's the point in living?" What was he doing? I stepped forward, and he stepped slightly back. I stopped. I yelled without thinking, "I do love you!" He shook his head, still smiling. He said, "No, you don't. You're just saying that." I shook my head. I screamed, "I do! I love you!"….. I meant it.

He took a small step forward. He looked at me and asked, "Do you mean it?" I nodded my head, still feeling the tears on my cheeks. I closed my eyes and I prayed that this was all a dream and that I would just wake up. I then felt someone's warm breathe on my face. I opened my eyes, and saw Mike in my face, smiling. He said, "I'm glad you admitted that."

I then realized what he did. He tricked me. He was never going to jump. He just wanted me to tell him I loved him. I then smiled and said, "Close your eyes. I want to give you something." Confused, he did what I had asked. I leaned towards his face, so he could purposely feel my breathe against his face. He then smacked him in the face with my hand. Not as hard as before, but hopefully hard enough.

He opened his eyes, and stared at me. I yelled, "That's for making me think you were going to commit suicide!" He smiled. I lifted my hand again, but this time he held it gently in his hands. He smiled and rubbed my hand against his face. I was shocked at what he was doing.

From my room, I heard Mary-Kate yell in the hall, "Katherine, is everything alright?" I hoped she wouldn't be able to that we were outside on the roof, when I yelled, "Yeah, everything's fine." I then heard faint footsteps and realized she left. I then sat down in the snow covered ground and so did Mike. He looked at me. He asked, "Do you really like me?" I sighed, and slowly nodded my head. He then looked me in the eyes. He was serious now. He asked, "Then why'd you slap me?"

I tried to smile. I replied, "Well, you kinda took me by surprise and-" "That's a reason to hit me?!" he interrupted. "And that's exactly what my last boyfriend did on my first date." It was true. James kissed me just like he did. It took me by shock, but I was also thinking about doing it myself. He asked, "What happened? Did you dump him? Did he dump you?" I shook my head. I felt the tears coming. I said, "He's dead. He, my mom, and my two best friends, Shannan, and Alyssa. They all died in a car accident. That's how I got hurt."

I looked at my leg. He looked away, and said, "Oh. I'm sorry." He then stood up and I looked at him, confused. He said, "You probably don't want to move on. I'll leave." He then turned around. He wasn't getting away that easily. I grabbed his hand. He looked at me. I stood up and embraced him in my arms. "Don't you leave me!" I yelled. I looked into his eyes and said, "Please don't leave me." He sighed. He placed a hand on my cheek, and asked, "Do you want me?" I nodded my head. He replied, "Then I won't leave." He then bent down and kissed me deeply.

He then moved his lips off of mine and walked to the right. I looked at him and asked, "Where are you going?" He smiled and said, "I have to go home." I then saw that his room was right next to my roof. It had a balcony and he could easily jump to it. Even I could. I looked at him and asked, "Can I see you again?" He laughed and said, "Of course you can." He then jumped into his balcony. He then yelled, "Look in your phone's address book." He then opened his door, and walked in.

I ran inside, slammed my window shut, and went to my jacket. I dug for my phone, and pulled it out. I then ran to the bed and jumped on it. I opened my phone, and looked through my address book. I then saw his name. I looked at it, and it also had his e-mail address. He also left a note in the phone's memory. I read it: Knew you'd come around.

I smiled through tears. I then unlocked the door. I opened it and yelled, "I'm going to bed!" I heard Mary-Kate ask worriedly, "Are you alright?" I smiled and said, "I'm fine. I have plans tomorrow, ok?" I heard her yell back, "Alright." "Goodnight." "Goodnight. I love you." "Me too!" I yelled back. I then shut the door, and grabbed some pajamas. I changed and turned out the lights. I then crawled into bed and then under the covers. I then felt my phone vibrate in my hands.

It was a text message from Mike. It said: Goodnight. I'll see you tomorrow morning. I love you. P.S. sorry about the first kiss.

I text: I love you too. P.S. it's alright.

I then placed the phone on the nightstand and fell asleep.

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