Walkin' my way through the hallways of the old school Listening to rock and scratching nails against the walls I liked it once but I'll never do it again I had hate for the walls once and I'll never think that way again

If all I had was a picture and a two way phone I'd rip it up and never talk to myself again And throw myself on the ground and never fight that way again I'd think about it twice and do it once and throw the receiver in the trash can

And the next day I wouldn't know, but I'd just guess I'll never think the same way again Stephanie Cox isn't my name anymore, its AwkwardSilence

With a smile on my face, as unusual as my personality I'd think the same thing once and let it slip Like I did, falling on floor with a bruise on my arm It looks like rough sex but really it's clumsiness

There isn't an old school, not even a new one I listen to rock but I've only scratched nails on open sidewalks I never liked it and I never thought that way I had love for the walls once and I'll never think that way again

Just the same it was clumsy And I didn't have anything to say I really just loved myself and never cared much about anything