Authors Note

I know it's been a while, almost a year, but I haven't given up on Your Favourite Drug. I'm actually working on the third chapter right now. I took a big pause in the story for school, and regrettably my computer crashed for a second time, causing me to lose any drafts of the third chapter I had written.

I was going over the reviews I had gotten for the first two chapters and I realized that I really need to start writing this again. So, thank-you to the reviewers who actually inspired me to keep going.

Now that I have re-read it, I wish I could make changes to the characters, but I think I will keep them in the forms they are in now. Maybe changes will come later.

I'm not sure when I'll complete the third chapter, because I'm going to camp as a counselor for five weeks straight, but I will try to complete it on the days I have home.

Thank you for whoever reviewed, put me on author alert, and on story alert, I really do appreciate it.

leaky pen