I don't know what it is but I'm tired of hiding myself from the outside. It's time I came out and pulled this mask off before it's too late.

Hi my name is Kenya I'm a 16 year old girl with one teeny tiny secret…can you guess?

Nope I'm not a witch or vampire and if you think for one second I'm a mermaid or leprechaun I'll kick your ass. No I'm a Halfling half demon half even and to top it all off my dad is the most notorious pirate in the freaked seven seas. His name Deleno Tonano a demon who fell for my Elvin mother Sonya Kanoka. I go to school like all other kids my age but I act like prep when I'm a tomboy and the only person who knows is my best friend Selena. Oh I didn't describe us did I?

Well my mother is 5'5" she has mid-back light brown hair that complement's her fair skin and her sky blue eye's that are very kind. You will more than likely see her in a dress or skirt she likes's the old fashioned look sometime. She's a kind woman. I don't know what she sees in my dad but it must be good to keep her there.

My dad is 6'2" he has short black hair that is always under a pirate hat and tanned skin that made his bright amber eyes shine even in the darkest of places. His hardly home but he loves his pirate look and wouldn't give up for all the money in the world. He seems rough but his actually a good guy if you don't threaten his family.

Selena is my best friend she is the one who knows me best. She's 5'7" has shoulder length dark brown hair with blond hightlights in varies area's. Her fair skin with a few freckles went well with her light green eyes. She was like me and preferred pants to skirts and boy shirts to skin tight tops. Oh did I mention she's part earth nymph and part siren? Yea odd combo but hey so is demon and elfin. I alway's wonder how it happened but hey who cares. She knows my dad because her dad is his first mate.

I guess I need to say about myself too huh? Well I'm 5'8" with waist length raven black hair with a red streak on my bangs. I have violet eyes with a tint of red in them. I am slightly tan with nothing but a scar on my left leg. I wear lots of jeans and a hoodies and have my hair in a low pony tail and a hat all the time. But at school I wear tight jeans and small tank tops. Ugh it sucks. Well got to go my dad is supposed to come home from Africa today….did I mention we live in California. Yea I'm home later

Kenya signing off (I own if it doesn't exist)

Kenya sat back in her computer chair as she sighed.

'When is there going to be some free time in this world?' she thought as she started her homework, 'I hate World History!' She glared at her textbook then threw it across the room.

"Why are we learning this crap?" she yelled as she looked out her window to see the sun still up. She sighed as she stood and walked out the door of her room in a pair of black cargo pants and a red beater. She walked down the stairs and to the front door.

"Mom I'm going to Selins. Be back around 10 or11," she yelled.

"Alright," said a soft voice from the living room where her mother sat reading. Kenya smiled slightly before she fixed her hat and went out the door. She walked down the street hat over her eyes as she did. She stopped in front of a large 2 story house with pale blue paint on it and white shutters and a white door. She smirked as she saw a head look out of the top right window. She went to the door just as it opened.

"Kenya," said the girl with brown hair as she hugged Kenya

"Hey Selena," said Kenya getting out of Selena's grip, "What's up? Wanna walk to the park with me?" Selena nodded and quickly closed the door behind her as she fell in step with Kenya. Selena wore a pair of her brother's jeans and a t-shirt from her dad's closet.

"So when are they coming home?" asked Selena as she looked at Kenya. Kenya closed her eyes and felt the wind.

"Tomorrow if the wind stay the way it is three day's if it doesn't," said Kenya with a smirk as she looked to the water from the walk way. Both there families lived on the coast to have a better range to see the ship.

"Mom will be happy," said Selena, "She hasn't been able to sleep well with out him here." Kenya nodded.

"Yea Ma will be making dinner like crazy when I tell her just to have all of us at the house at the same time to hear all the stories," Kenya said as they both spotted the park. Kenya and Selena both went to the swings and sat down. Kenya sighed.

"When do you think they'll finally give up pirating?" she asked Selena who in turn shrugged.

"Who knows...probalbly when their on their death beds," Selena said with a glanced to the water. Kenay laughed out loud.

"That will be a while then," she said when she calmed down to stare at the water.