The next day Kenya woke to see her father standing in the doorway.

"Hey your up," he said with a smirk, "about time."

"Shut up," Kenya growled as she glared weakly till partly asleep, "What time is it?"

"Um…almost 9," said Deleno as he looked at his watch.

"WHAT?!" Kenya cried as she jumped out of bed, "Oh man I am so late crap. Why did no one wake me!" She ran around the room throwing on a pair of tight flair jeans and a white halter top with the word 'Angel' on in sparkly baby blue, "oh man oh man oh man…"

"Kenya…. Kenya…. KENYA," Deleno yelled, "Calm down school was cancelled so your mother turned off your alarm clock." Kenya stopped and stared at him her eyes wide.

"What? Oh well then um…. hehe this is very embarrassing," she said running her fingers through her bangs, "Wow…. so…what are you doing here?" Deleno smirked.

"Well Selena is coming in an hour or two so…. we're going to create your Pirate Outfit!" He exclaimed watching his daughter almost fall on her face.

"That why I woke up to you staring," she growled, "I could still be sleeping!" She glared at him in suspicion, "how much coffee have you had?"

Deleno started to sweet. "Well…about 7 cups," he said nervously. Kenya threw her hands to the air.

"Rum doesn't effect you but having 7 cups of coffee makes you act as crazy as hell," she said as he turned back to him, "out of my room I wanna change I feel weird in this still."

Deleno nodded as he walked out. "Sure just start thinking about how you want your out fit to look," he said doing a backwards wave as he left her room in search of his wife. Kenya sighed as she shook her head trying to stop her migraine.

She changed into a pair of trip pants and a white wife beater that was a bit longer than normal. She took out her sketchpad and started to think as she sat on her window seal..

"Something that would make me look like a Pirate with authority," she said softly to herself as she looked to the sea, "A Pirate Queen." She smiled lightly as she thought of it. "That actually sounds….fun," she stared at the sea lost in thought till her stomach announced its presence. She groaned. "Crap forgot to eat," she moaned as she stood and started down the stairs. She went to the kitchen and looked around in the fridge for food. She sighed at the sight of only drinks and then looked in the pantry and found cereal. She grabbed some lucky charms a bowl and the milk from the fridge and sat at the table as she ate her food her mind on auto pilot as she start to daydream about her life and the changes that would happen in it.

"Kenya?" Kenya was startled out of her daydream by Selena's voice she looked down to see she had ate all her food and was now scooping up air. She shook her head to wake up again and smiled at Selena.

"Hey sorry about that was lost in thought," she said, she would never admit she was daydreaming it was….not like her. "So what's up?" Kenya asked as she leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the table.

"Well out dads are trying to get us in….skirts!" Exclaimed Selena as she hugged herself, "I don't wanna wear a dress…or skirt or whatever it is. I LIKE MY PANTS!"

"Calm down Selena dang and I thought I was spastic," said Kenya as she stood, "They know that we can't wear skirts unless they want us screwed so don't worry. Besides I think I figured out my outfit."

"Really?" Asked Selena as she smiled, "So cool!"

"Yea so how about we go see the old men and see why they felt the need to scare you," said Kenya heading out the door to the living room where she knew the two men were.

"Kenya how good to see you," said Selena's father, "Did Selena tell you our plans?" He smirked and his eyes shined.

"She did but if you want us to be dress or skirt wearin' Pirates then think again," said Kenya.

"Yea if Kenya wears a dress no one would take her seriously," said Selena as she crossed her arms.

"That and the fact fighting is harder in a skirt/dress we would be killed almost instantly," continued Kenya as she leaned against the doorframe.

"Sadly all true," said Deleno shaking his head, "So have you figured out your outfits?"

Kenya smirked a smirk that made her father proud.

"Why yes dad I do," she said, "I'll be right back." Kenya ran upstairs to her room grabbing her sketchpad from the window seal and running back down to the living room. She held it out after flipping through to the page she as at earlier.

"This is what I think," she said, "well we do…"

Sorry for the delay I have been super busy and almost forgot this place same with just about everything else I have been trying to keep my grades up and to actually have a social life and get another job it sux T-T but I will try to write more soon thank you for being patient. Again I am sorry for the lateness of this story.