Looking out the car window, Myra thought about all the horrible things that could go wrong and then looked over at the driver. "Do I have to? I could skip this year and help out at the salon," she said trying her best to sound depressed.

"You'll have fun. Trust me! The first day is always the best. You meet new people and talk to some of the cool teachers, trust me you'll have fun," the driver, her mother, said to her. Smiling at the other students that passed, she pulled into the parking lot and brought the car up next to a very expensive looking BMW. "Don't forget your lunch honey!"

Grabbing her backpack and her lunch from the back of the car, she sighed and kissed her mother on the cheek, then climbed out of the car. Myra's blonde head was bent down so she wouldn't have to look at all the strangers. As she entered the side door of Westsyde Secondary School, she could feel the blast of the heater on her delicate and pale face.

"Move it," said a girl behind her.

Myra hadn't realized she was blocking the door and stepped to the side, out of the way. How rude of her though. She could've at least said excuse me politely, she thought to herself. Taking out her timetable she searched for her homeroom among the mass of students and teachers and lockers. Coming to room fourteen, she stepped inside and noticed no one was in there except the teacher.

"Hello dear," the teacher said. "I'm Mrs. Milam, if you don't know who I am. I haven't seen you around here before…are you new?"

"Yeah, I am actually," Myra, replied smiling timidly. "You're my homeroom teacher this year."

"It's delightful to have you as a student at Westsyde and in my classroom then."

The bell rang then, startling Myra into the seat closest to her. As the students came piling in through the door, chatting to each other about the summer break and how they couldn't wait for next summer to come around, Myra placed her head on her desk and covered her head with her arms. The second bell rang to announce the start of classes or homeroom.

"Good morning students. I'm Mrs. Milam for you new students and those who have been in here before you already know me. Now to start attendance," Mrs. Milam said bringing out a piece of paper and listing off a bunch of names. "Mary? Alex? Kate Lynn? Colby? Um…. Meera is it?"

"Myra actually ma'am," she said lifting her head off the desk and blushed lightly.

"Of course," Mrs. Milam said smiling at her and finished listing off the names. "Okay, after this class you will go to your first class and then your second where you will have break, followed by third class, then lunch and then you're last class. Ah, there's the bell. Enjoy your first day everyone!"

Her first class, thank god, was Band. Nothing could go wrong there for sure. Opening the door to the room, she noticed that there were more people in here then there was in her homeroom. As of now, as far as she knew, no one even really knew of her existence. But that's where she was wrong.

"Check out the new girl Dean. What do you make of her?" a brunette girl with an exceptional amount of make-up said to a guy next to her. He was of medium build with slicked back black hair, and wore a dark leather jacket. His dark blue eyes looked over at the girl from the back of the room and he shrugged his shoulders.

"Whatever. Lisa, does it matter?"

"Whatever? What kind of answer is that? God, you're no fun anymore," the girl called Lisa said and punched Dean in the arm, who glared at her.

Myra took a seat near the front of the class but off to the side where hopefully no one would notice her. A girl maybe about the same age sat down next to her and smiled at her. "You new here?"


"I'm Tisha. Clarinet," Tisha said and smiled again. Her thick turtle glasses were falling off her nose where she promptly pushed them back up with her middle finger. Her greasy black hair and bushy eyebrows made her quite a sight, but she was friendly enough.

"I'm Myra. Um…saxophone."

"Nice to meet you Myra. Hey do you want me to show you around the school at break or do you have somebody to do that already?"

Thinking it over quickly she agreed. "I don't know anyone else so that would be fantastic."

"Ok cool. What class do you have after this? What grade are you in by the way?"

"Grade 10. And I have Choir," Myra said pulling out her timetable from the back of her Levi jeans.

"Oh me too! You don't have to go anywhere for Choir either. You stay right in here. Mr. Michaels is going to give us our lockers from here and then he'll give us five minutes to go to them and put stuff away and stuff like that. He teaches band, choir and drama. He's the best," Tisha said happily as her eyes glazed over.

Myra sighed knowing that look of dreaminess. She went to inspecting the room with her emerald green eyes and they locked with a pair of striking dark blue eyes. Smiling slightly, she averted her eyes to examine the rest of the room. The room was maybe 20 feet by about 15 feet wide all around. Quite a room they've got here, she thought to herself. She felt herself being drawn back to those eyes.

"Hey Tisha? Tisha? Who's that guy at the back there with the leather jacket?"

Coming out of her trance, Tisha looked back pushing her glasses up. "Oh, that's Dean Simons. He's one of those guys that all the girls fall for and then get their heart broken. Stay away from him if you want stay one whole person Myra," she said and then went back to daydreaming.

Mr. Michaels came in through the front door, humming a tune when the bell went. "Class! Sit down and shut up!" he yelled and everyone obeyed. "There, that's better. I hope you all had a good summer break and blah blah blah. Anyways, I know that it's the first day and you all want to have fun and stuff, so that's just what we're going to do. First, I have to tell you your locker numbers and I need to know you're names. Alex? Dean? Sandra? Myra? Tisha? Nikki?"

"Does he always do that? Yell, I mean?" Myra whispered to Tisha.

"Yeah. That's his way of working things," she replied not taking her eyes off him.

He was a man in maybe his mid-forties, with messy red hair and green eyes hidden behind wired glasses and he was wearing an argyle sweater and dark jeans with dark brown clogs. Not the kind of man Myra would want to date if she were his age, but she had to admit that he wasn't that bad looking.

"So, since everyone is here, we're gonna start with lockers. Dean, you're locker is 276. Myra, yours is 277 and Tisha yours is 278. Lisa, yours is 279 and…"

After that, Myra stopped listening and looked back at Dean, whose face was completely expressionless. His locker was right next to hers! And who knows? Maybe they had a bunch of classes together too! This was a nightmare! The heartbreaker of the school was her locker buddy, and to top it off he was going to see her everyday during band class.

"Well, look at it this way. You've got me as your locker buddy on the other side," Tisha said trying to comfort her new friend. "I'd rather put up with Dean then Lisa any day. She's a total cow! She smokes too and you can smell it on her 24/7! C'mon, let's go to our lockers." Rising from her chair, Tisha grabbed her books and held her hand out to Myra who got up slowly.

Her feet were practically dragging on the floor when she walked to her locker. It was right outside the band room, which was good, but she still had to share it with Dean. As she opened her locker and threw her bag and books in there, she heard the click of a lock on the locker next to hers and didn't dare look. Myra hid behind her locker door until she thought it was safe and poked her head out, to look directly at Dean.

"Hi," she said meekly.

"Hey," Dean replied smiling at her.

"Why are you staring at me?" Myra said after there was a brief pause of silence.

"I don't know."

"Do you only have like a six word vocabulary or something?"

"No, I have a large vocabulary actually. I just prefer not to speak to people sometimes."

Myra furrowed her eyebrows together in confusion and closed her locker, placing the lock in it and walked back to the classroom. "Is he dumb or mentally handicapped?" she asked Tisha.

"No, why?"

"He was acting kinda weird. I don't know."

"He doesn't usually talk to someone unless he knows them really well or unless he likes someone…I think he likes you then Myra. You better keep your eyes and ears open for anything. He's known to jump on girls at random and start making out with them, or so I'm told," Tisha said blushing a deep crimson color.

"You've made out with him?" Myra said practically shouting, her mouth wide open in surprise.
"It was a one time thing. Don't worry about god! So spazzy!"

"Spazzy? You're the one who said to look out for him."

"Yeah. I said that because I know from experience. He goes out with every girl to see how far he can go with her, and if he doesn't get what he wants he breaks up with you. After he gets what he wants, he still breaks up with you."

"How far did you go with him then Tisha?"

Tisha paused and sighed before going on. "Not very far. I don't believe in the whole 'fornication before marriage' thing. Plus, my parents would KILL me if they ever found out I even dated a guy! So then he broke up with me and we don't talk anymore. Unless he wants to steal my answers for math or something."

"What a freak? So who's the unlucky lady right now?" Myra asked, looking back at him. Luckily, he wasn't looking.

"As far as I know, no one. But it could be Lisa for all I really know," Tisha said and went back to looking at Mr. Michaels who was looking at some music on his stand. Some of the students weren't back from their lockers yet so luckily they hadn't gotten in trouble or something.

Class flew by extremely quickly for Myra, who listened intently through the whole thing and kept her mind of Dean and didn't leave the class even as the bell rang. She had choir in that room anyways and she thanked whatever deity was listening for not putting Dean in choir with her.

Throughout the whole day, classes flew by rather quickly and she didn't see Dean in any of her classes, which was extremely exhilarating. Myra wanted to get home as quickly as possible to tell her parents about her marvelous day at school and about her new friend Tisha, so she ran…straight into Dean Simons.

"Oh, sorry about that," she said politely and walked past him briskly.

"Hey wait a sec, I want to talk to you if you don't mind," Dean replied in a polite tone.


"Because. Who's your English teacher?"

"Um…Mrs. J. Why?"

"Oh ok. I had to go home early today, my mother is sick and I had to take care of her. I'm in her class too, so that means we're in the same class then. Did we do anything important in that class anyways?"

"Um…not really. We just sat around and discussed the year and what happened over the summer," Myra said somewhat uneasily. Why does he insist on talking to me so much right now? I don't care if he likes me! I don't care if he is kind of cute or good-looking! I want to get home and hug my little brother!

"So what happened to you during the summer Myra?"

"Excuse me? I don't even know you. How do you know my name?"

"You're in my band class and I heard him call your name," Dean said referring to earlier class with Mr. Michaels. "And when you answered, I obviously assumed that was your name. That is your name isn't it?"

"Yeah, that's my name."
"Fine have it your way. I'm Dean Simons, nice to meet you Myra…"

"Banks. Myra Banks."

"That's a nice name," he commented and smiled sweetly.

"Thanks. Um…I have to go. I'll see you…later?"

"Yeah. Bye."

When Myra got home, she told her mom everything about her day and then told her dad, but left out her meeting with Dean. He would flip and automatically assume he was her boyfriend even though they just met. It was the way he went, she decided firmly. As her night past uneventfully, she thought about the coming day and what it would bring for her and drifted to sleep at about 11:00.