I had the fruit tasting of a lifetime here

It went on for over 12 hours

It was also frustrating, because I might not ever be able to experience it again

I pretend I know this all already but I don't have a clue

I'm getting better at lip-synching my way through the day

And I think maybe this is all too good for me

Whiskey really will prevent you from getting an erection

I hope the look of shock on my face doesn't become permanent

It has much more similarity, rare and endangered

Medium to full-bodied with silky skin

Several different kinds of apples

I confused genus identity and tasted like pears

Ate white castle and then shit myself on the way home

It's not like I'm weird enough already

Please, I just need this

At night I shut myself off and my horrible subconscious takes over

And now I'm ending this.