I remember the first lie I ever told. It was back at the playground with giant rubber tires as bricks for tire pyramids. The playground had two balance beams. One was only a few feet off of the ground. The other seemed a mile high. I remember feeling a great mastery of things being able to stand on that giant beam. Perhaps that was the reason why I lied when I fell down and managed to hit my groin on the beam. There was a white flash of pain and then great weakness in my legs. One of the teachers could immediately see that something was wrong.

Instead of simply telling of my fall there was a sudden urge to make up a story. Something of embarrassment mixed in with the sudden weakness made my say that another kid had hit me in my weakness. Soon the story bloomed to be more colorful in that the kid was a bully not from the school and was planning for another shot at me. Of course with an inconsistent storyline my lie was fairly easily detected by the higher powers.

After the first lie I thought that I would never lie again because of the simple shame in admitting that in front of my parents. It wasn't. Lies were almost like the surface of my skin. I could simply just wash off the excess skin and hair before doing it all over again. I seemed to get better at the craft as time progressed. My stories got better, the scale smaller. What my folks didn't know couldn't hurt them, and I have a few skeletons in my closet.

I don't believe that my folks know anything about my love life written in the Lips chapter. My folks probably suspect that I'm up to something other than doing my homework when I spend hours on the computer. I game, surf, and download. It's just something that's there but unsaid and not addressed.

I'd like to think that all this is only skin deep. I'd like to think that these blackheads and pimples go away with time and remain unimportant. What's funny is that I don't believe I have ever lied to my close friends. It occurs to me that although I respect mother and father there are some things that I couldn't ever tell them simply because they are of my bloodline. Sometimes the deepest and darkest secrets are most easily given to a stranger or someone you know will never tell anyone else.