Fools Like Me

He told me he loved me.

. . And I believed him.

Life happens, and people change.

He changed.

He told me it was over.

He told me the sparks have died down

That it was time to move on.

That I deserved better.

And I'd be a fool not to see that.

I tried to believe him.

But I just couldn't.

I fought back tears that threatened to fall.

I shouldn't cry.

Not here.

Not now.

Maybe later.

When I'm all alone in my room, trying to put the pieces back.

But then, maybe I wouldn't need to.

This could all be a dream.

A nightmare I would soon awake from.

But I'd be fooling myself to believe that.

I tried to fall out of love with him.

And for a moment, I thought I did.

But that was just me in denial.

Because then, I'd remember his face. His eyes. His smile. His scent. His laughter. His touch.

And I'd start falling for him all over again.

All those times I've reminisced on the memories we've made.

All those lonely nights I've cried myself to sleep.

All those times I've wondered about the "what-could've-been's".

I've learned the hard way that no one can control the heart and its deepest desires.

Time passed.

I started to accept the fact that I may forever be in love with him.

And it didn't really matter if my feelings were unrequited.

As long as he was happy.

As long as he knew I was still here for him.

Sad, I know.

But then, he came back.

Back into my waiting arms.

And at that moment, I actually believed I could have my fairytale ending, with him.

He told me he wanted me back in his life.

He told me he needed me.

He asked for a second chance.

He promised to be there for me.

He promised to protect me, to love me.

He promised me forever.

And I was a fool to trust him.

I shut out the little voice in my head screaming no.

I waved off my doubts and uncertainties.

I ignored the fact that my heart was still broken.

That I was still bleeding inside.

Because I thought he would mend it for me.

I was a fool to believe that.

I found myself smiling more often, singing along to the radio, putting on some make up before I leave the house, and fooling around with friends.

Because he was with me again.

Because I was happy. Happier than I've been in so long.

I had my old life back.

The one I thought I had lost along with him.

But now, he's back. And I'm back.

I was a fool to believe that.

True love happens, and soul mates find one another.

He found her.

He told me we needed to talk.

I looked deep in his eyes.

They were the most remarkable shade of green I've ever seen.

And if I looked close enough, I can see specks of gold on them.

I realized they were deeply troubled.

But why?

My heart sank.

It dawned on me.

He didn't love me anymore.

That is if he ever truly loved me to begin with.

Was any of it real?

It was on my part.

But what about for him?

I guess now I'll never know for sure.

I was such a fool to believe him.

I found myself desperately trying to hold on as he slowly slipped away.

I fought for him, for our love.

But hers was stronger.

I knew it was a lost cause.

No matter what I'd do, I would still lose him in the end.

I know it would be hard to say goodbye.

Say goodbye to something you once called your own.

When I come to think of it, I'm not so sure if he was mine to begin with.

I was a fool to believe that.

But I realize that he belongs to someone else now.

So, I let him go.

I waited for the pain. The tears. The heartbreak.

But they never came.

To be honest, I just felt. . . numb.

I didn't understand it.

I think was fed up with it all.

Sick of all the weeping and the hurting.

I needed to get up and. . . live.

I've been though hell and back.

But I'm stronger and wiser now.

I was a fool not to realize that sooner.

It is fools like me who fall so deep in love with someone.

And never really stop caring and looking out for them.

Because they've been a part of our life.

They've made a mark on our soul.

And will always have a special place in our heart.

Life happens, and people change.

I changed.

It's been a while now.

And life's just been great for me.

And as silly as it sounds, I still keep a photo of him hidden in my bedside table.

I don't exactly love him in that way anymore.

But a part of me still wonders what my life would be like, if he hadn't left.

I don't let this stop me from living to the fullest.

True love happens, and soul mates find one another.

He found me.

I'm seeing someone else now.

His name is Michael.

He's awesome.

He's charming and funny.

He's witty and honest.

He cares for me. And I mean, he genuinely cares.

He protects me.

He respects me.

He listens to me.

And he knows me. Like no one else ever has.

He's always there for me.

He keeps his promises.

And the things he does just give me butterflies.

He's a little too confident and stubborn sometimes.

But then again, all men have issues with their pride and ego.

He makes me happy.

And he makes me feel. . . complete.

Michael told me he loves me.

. . . And I told him I love him, too.

At that moment, he closed the gap between us. I felt safe; I felt bliss in his arms. And he kissed me like he meant it.

Because he meant it.

And I believe him.