Don't pretend you're sorry- I know you're not- You know you got the power-To make me weak inside

"Sorry!" Samantha called out giggling as she ran up the shore. She turned to look at her beau who was chasing her angrily. He had fallen over a tree and had come up with his tanned face filled with sand; he had looked so adorable and funny. She smiled her beautifully dazzling smile then blew a kiss at him. "I love you!"

Her smile made him weak in the knees, at that emotion he had to stop to take better look at where he was going. He was not as sure footed as she was. Running around on islands he knew had been a favorite pastime of hers since she was a kid. She had challenged him just the other day whilst swimming on Half Moon Bay- just off from Gregory Town, Eleuthera- to swim out to the mini island not too far from the shore. They had swum out to it and spent and afternoon laughing as they sat alone on its shores underneath towering cedar trees.

Geoffrey smiled up at her knowing full well that she knew how to drive any anger from him. She truly captivated him. No one else would have ever been able to get him no such a trip, exploring a deserted Bahamian island on his vacation. She truly added new dimensions to his life. How had he ever lived without her? "I love you too!"

Girl you leave me breathless- But it's okay 'cause- You are my survival

"Where are we going?" he asked her breathlessly as they continued to trek on the beach. She'd had her uncle drop them off on a deserted island and then she'd begun to take him through the brush. She was so beautiful and free. She was so wild and untamed, running over sharp rocks like they were the powdery sand lined on the beach- or stopping to take a picture of the mangled grayish bark of a sea beaten tree.

She had his heart in her hands and if things went the way they played in his head- he would soon have their lives intertwined. He just didn't know how to ask her. Around her he felt so young and inadequate. She brought out feelings he had labeled as immature- but he now realized that nothing ever worked or felt the way it was supposed to.

Now hear me say- I can't imagine life- Without your love-Even forever don't seem-Like long enough

"It's time we headed back to the boat- my uncle will be wondering where we are." She sighed looking at her watch.

He'd always wondered why she went into Environmental Science when she was a talented artist and photographer- but seeing her here at home- he finally realized why. She loved everything that was fiercely natural. That was probably why she'd been attracted to him- a nobody whose only talent was whittling images out of pieces of wood.

"Okay. But let's take a break first." He suggested taking up a piece of driftwood and beginning to whittle out a new image that had been growing more and more in his mind.

"No problem, I'm kind of tired of all the walking." She sighed as she plunked herself onto the sand and started taking pictures of the horizon. He smiled as he began whittling. She was too busy taking pictures to notice.

He whittled her and him with a cord tying them together- both smiling. He loved her so much- he knew he would not be happy until they were together forever. When he was done he wanted to call it "Forever."

Maybe I'm a drifter- Late at night- 'Cause I long for the safety- Of flowing freely- In your arms

He remembered the day he met her. He'd come drifting into Denton, Texas where she went to school. His motorcycle had been going pretty fast his overgrown hair blowing in the wind and he'd had nothing to hinder him from going where he pleased. On a whim he'd decided to stop at the University to visit his mother- a Science lecturer hell-bent on having him settle down. He'd walked into her class in the middle of it causing an uproar amongst the girls and causing his mother to frown at him seriously, but she'd hugged him and had him sit at her desk while she continued to discuss something scientific- he always toned her teacher's voice out.

It was while he was going through her books that he'd felt as if someone was staring at him. Looking up he saw Samantha taking him in frowning. She had the same look his mother usually had on her face. The look that wondered what he was going to do next. She was standing by the sink and he could tell that she was a grad student by the way she stood and carried herself. He remembered his days as a grad student- that was before he'd decided to find out what the real world was like.

Samantha was tall- about 5'9", with a dark honey complexion and beautiful long black hair. She had the curves in all the right places and the confidant stance that told him she was anchored. Even with him staring at her didn't faze her. He'd never met anyone so strong. Around her he realized that he'd been drifting aimlessly for life- with her he wanted to find his anchor.

"Geoffrey- I want you to meet my TA Samantha Rolle. She's from the Bahamas and a wonderfully gifted student." His mother introduced them when the class was over. "Sam, this is my son Geoffrey Bryant III. He has his Master's in Physics but is living his life as a traveling gypsy."

Samantha had looked at him and smiled politely and then turned back to her notes. She dismissed him after she realized that he looked exactly like a gypsy- dark hair, kerchief, doeskin vest and boots. He was very easy on the eyes- but something about him rubbed her the wrong way. So in her Sam manner- she dismissed him.

Something about the way she dismissed him had set hell up in him- so he continued to come around whenever she would be there- just to annoy her into looking at him. He even found her on the annoying friend networks, that he found she had a penchant for. Her pictures and friend comments said so much about her. And after about a month of him pestering her, she decided to grace him with her full attention. She agreed to give him a moment of her time- so he planned something he knew would blow her mind.

I don't need another life line- It's not for me- 'Cause only you can save me- Oh can't you see- I can't imagine life- Without your love- And even forever don't seem- Like long enough

"Why are you bothering me Mr. Bryant?" Samantha asked him suddenly one day turning to him angrily in the hall outside of his mother's class.

"Because you intrigue me." He stated looking into her eyes. He stood at 6'3" and she had to glare up at him. He smiled knowing how she hated feeling shorter or smaller than anyone- she always wore heels for this reason. It was her way of putting people off.

"Well un-intrigue yourself Mr. Bryant." She stated walking away.

"I can't because I really like you. You're the sanest thing that I have met in forever. You're the first person who makes me want to be serious." He stated honestly coming around her and blocking her path.

"Don't give me the sob- my parents got divorced and I lived between two homes story. I've heard that many times before. Now please let me past." She stated cutting him with her words and her eyes. He'd never noted how in some lights they appeared almost hazel- like now.

"I won't- I can't! You're the one I want." He replied honestly cupping her face in his hands. She hated it but loved the way his fingers felt on her skin. It was the fact that she was so split as to how t relate to him that emboldened him.

"Well you need to find someone else. Unhand me or I will scream this entire building off. I am not a prize to be won." She spat angrily. She was so beautiful angry.

"Okay I'll leave you alone forever if you do one thing." He stated forcefully taking her hand and leading her outside to his motorcycle. "Come with me this one time- and I'll leave you alone."

"Okay- deal!" she sighed getting on the back of his motorcycle with his spare helmet on. "Where are we going?"

"A place my mother took me when I was little. Trust me! She knows where we are going and the guards saw us leaving together- I can't hurt you Sam." He sighed knowing her cautious nature.

"Hold on tight!" he told her as pulled out his slot and out onto the road. They drove in silence for thirty minutes until they came to the outskirts and he slowed down and parked. He took her by the hand and led her down a path to a brook where a friend stood playing a violin and had a checkered cloth on the grass with a few of her favorite foods there.

"What?" she asked taken aback. How'd he get to know her so well?

Go on and pull me under- Cover me with dreams, yeah- Love me mouth to mouth now-You know I can't resist- 'Cause you're the air- That I breathe

"Tell me your dreams." He prodded as they sat on the picnic cloth. His blue-green eyes twinkled mischievously as he listened to her.

"What about yours?" she asked him as she began to lay into him a while later. "What are your dreams, talents, goals?"

"I only wanted to make my mother happy. That's my only dream- someday I know I will make her happy- but for now I wanted to learn who I was." He responded honestly. "My real talent lies in whittling- my dad thought it was below us for me to love whittling so much but it's something I'm good at. My goals- to capture your heart." He continued laughing at the look she gave him.

"That's not a real goal. So can I see you whittle something?" she replied laughing as he tickled the serious look off of her face.

Silently he began to whittle a puppy- knowing full well her love of animals- and how she missed her terrier who she had left back home in the Bahamas. After whittling it he gave it to her and he knew then that he had her. Slowly he leaned in and kissed her.

Their kiss was unlike any other he'd experienced. He could hear their heartbeats beating as one and their breathing was one. They both took each other in and she slowly began to awaken in him a need to be better, be the prince that she so desperately needed and was looking for- even though she would never admit it to anyone.

Every time I breathe- I take you in- And my heart beats again- Baby I can't help it- You keep me- Drowning in your love

"What are you whittling?" she asked as she came over towards him.

"Us, I want us to be forever." He stated smiling looking up at her. She stopped in shock realizing that beside him was a letter from the faculty of the University of North Texas and an engagement lying on it.

Picking up the letter and the ring in shock she cried as she read that he would begin working on his Doctorate in Education while lecturing as a Physics lecturer. At the bottom he'd written in his elegant scrawl "Marry me? Make all of my dreams come true!"

"You're the only one who's been able to get me to want to be better and not just for you- but for myself. You made me realize that I had to find my own dreams and goals. I realized that I loved teaching and being with you. What better way than to come back t UNT with you- as your husband. I love you and I want to make you my bride." He said as she looked up from the letter and the ring imploringly. He knew she wanted to hear the words.

"Yes!" she squealed and he knew that he'd chosen the right time to ask her. She had helped him to find his anchor, and he would only continue drowning in her love. His life would forever be changed because of her. "You're truly wonderful and smart- you've truly swept me away!"

"No my darling, you've swept me away." He responded against her lips as he leaned in to kiss her sealing their engagement and the beginning of the rest of their lives. "I love you!"

Every time I try to rise above- I'm swept away by love- And baby I can't help it- You keep me- Drowning your love

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