Note: Another poem I've decided to submit, despite me being rather embarrassed because I'm not a poet. D: But oh well.

Again, I wrote this at work. There were a lot of people at the store, and for some reason I felt nervous. I was trying to keep myself occupied, but it was hard and the night just wouldn't end, and I was thinking about the guy I'm infatuated with. So this is what I came up with.

P.S. I'm labeling this under "romance" because he was primarily on my mind the whole time.

"The Night That Would Not End"

Throbbing, burning

Splashing, turning

A sound of bells

His voice compels

My legs grow numb

I feel so dumb

The clock's hand turning

My mind was churning

I may just faint

There's no restraint

For me to feel

This painless deal

This nervous dove

Knows no "above"

I cannot fight

This endless night