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I stared absently at the wall. Boredom overwhelmed me. I suppose it was my fault I was here. Detention for werewolves. Yeah, that was a really smart idea. Then again, the 'teacher' was a witch. Ever notice witch and bitch rhyme? I grinned, silently making up a song in my head.

"Do you have something to say, Mister Winters?" Mrs. Feyten snapped.

I shrugged. "If I said it you'd keep me here longer."

She sighed. "Storm, why are you always so difficult?"

Why are you always such a bitch? "I dunno. "

"Leave. Obviously sitting here is doing no good."

I jumped up and shot out the door. Hello Freedom, good-bye Bitch. I headed down to the Cafeteria. Damon, my witch friend, was kicked back in a shadowed corner, his magic purple eyes glowed softly. He had no hint of wolf blood in him. Blue blood all the way.

I plunked myself down by him and put my feet on the table. Ol' ma was turning in her grave by now, a bit more wouldn't hurt.

"What did you do this time?" Damon asked, raising and eye brow.

"Passed a hot note or two and Mrs. Bitch found them. Told me I needed a few hours of solitude, I told her she needed a stiff one." I replied. I was a wolf, what did she expect, anyway?

He shook his head, grinning like an idiot. "You didn't offer, did you?"

"I'd rather jack off with garden shears than touch her." I blinked, considered what I just said, and winced.

"Nice mental image, there."

"So if you had the choice you'd pick her?" Mrs. Feyten, fifty-some-old crone? Was that bastard high?

"Garden shears." he said quickly, and we both laughed.

"What about garden shears, now?" Tori, Damon's girlfriend, asked in a scandalized voice, appearing out of nowhere. Her pale grey green wolf eyes flashed in amusement as she slid easily onto his lap and snuggled against him.

"Nothing, babe." he murmured against her neck.

"Hey!" I complained, "You're not aloud to get some in front of me when I have nothing."

"Aw, poor baby. You can join us if you want." Tori purred, then squeaked when Damon nipped the skin above her jugular vein.

"If you don't like it, go find your own tail. This one's mine." His hand snaked around Tori's belly, pulling her back firmly against his chest.

I sighed and looked around the Cafeteria. Well, it wasn't actually a cafeteria, just a really big room in a really big castle. It was used as a kind of school for witches, werewolves, and even a few vampires.

Wolves, especially Alpha's like myself, were easily bored. So we went thorough mates like hardcore addicts through an eight-ball. Though, our habit was a lot cheaper. And more legal. Anyway, at the moment I was between mates. No big deal, really. The full moon was ages away.

A soft whimper echoed behind me. Cat calls and laughs came from random places around the room. I heard the chairs scrape and their retreating footsteps as Tori and Damon went back to his dorm room.

Bored again I got up and headed outside. Icy cold air greeted me. Ah, winter. It was my favorite season. The ponds iced over and you could slide across them in wolf form.

I noticed Rosa, the annoyingly bitchy blue blood witch that positively ran the school. She was talking to a new chick. Her eyes were royal purple, flecked with emerald green and topaz blue. They were rare eyes, Gypsy eyes. She was blue blooded, alright. Not to mention a natural white blonde with luscious curves. Hello.

I walked over. "Rosa." I said coolly. "Who's your new… friend?"

Her lavender eyes flickered and she gave me one of her I'm-better-than-you smiles. "Hello, Storm. This is Erin. Erin," she said glancing at Blondie, "This is Mister badass. He thinks he's so tough, but he's just a pussycat underneath the wolf."

I laughed softly, then bared long white wolf fangs and growled. "Honey, I eat pussycats for breakfast."

Erin giggled, getting the hidden meaning. Rosa made a face. "Perverts, both of you." she turned and stalked off.

"She was… nice." Erin said, obviously trying to be gracious.

"Yeah, about as nice as a pissed off snake." I muttered.

Erin smiled. The cold air got a bit warmer, more sunnier. "When your family wants to get favors, you can't go around saying stuff like that. But damn she's the biggest bitch I think I've ever met." she paused, "So, does she, like, have issues with wolves or something?"

"Not really, she was just the pussycat I refused to eat." This earned another giggle.

"I didn't think Miss Pureblood would go for wolves."

I bared my teeth, the wolf version of a smile. "You'd be surprised at the kinks some of these 'pure' bloods have." I laughed then added, "But I'm curious, what kinks do you have?" Yeah, I am a bastard. I just had to go there.

Her lovely eyes flickered. What the bloody friggin' hell? We were just discussing pussy and then she has to get all innocent. Well, hell. I had had intentions of bedding her, but if she was a virgin, she was not fair game, unless of course there was that something between us and by some miracle we fell in love. Oh, yeah, that was going to happen. Wolves didn't fall in love. We shacked up, did the dirty, and moved on. End of story.

After that moment of slight hesitation she gave me a Jezebel smile. "Play your cards right, wolf boy, and maybe you'll find out." she winked, then sashayed off. Tease, I thought. My inner wolf snapped. Shut up, you'll get yours.

Wondering vaguely if having conversations in your head was a sign of a sociopath, I walked into the forest surrounding the castle. I sank to the ground, turning into a wolf as I did so.

I groaned as bones, muscle, and sinew shifted and cracked. It was a good pain, wonderful and natural. My spine arched and re-shaped, and the pleasant itch of fur as it grew from my skin. The end product a large, lean, night black wolf. Our wolf form was a picture of our human form. Same body build, hair, and eyes.

I threw back my head and howled for the shear joy of it. Howls answered back, mostly from the castle, some from actual wolves. When an Alpha howled, you did too. It was ingrained in our D.N.A. Without leaders, order would cease, and so too would chaos, and the world would go to hell in a hand basket. Yeah, all that B.S. over a freakin' howl. I never said wolves were logical.

I padded along the narrow path until I got bored and headed off randomly. I knew the forest well. Even if I didn't, I'd be able to find my way back. Wolves always find there way back home.

I sped up, running as fast as I could. Which was pretty fast. The forest blurred by, the wind whipped my fur. I scented water and deer. In response my belly growled. The deer, a ten point buck, barely had the chance to look up before I ripped his throat out. I licked the blood from my lips and howled my victory. By now I was miles away from the castle, but I still heard the answering calls. Some an invite for bedding, others asking to share, and still some congratulating me. Even by wolf standards, that was a good kill.

I ate in peace for a while before the real wolves came. There alpha was a big grey with dark brown eyes. We stared each other down for a few minutes. I noticed a grey and white pup among them. Poor boy was skinny as a feather.

/No mother. She die. Sick. He die soon./ The alpha growled.

/Help him, then!/ I snarled, some human instinct rebelled.

/He too young. Woods. Life. Hard. He live or die. Up to him./

/Damn you, he's the future of your pack!/

/Not future. Not pack born. Not ours. You want, you try. You see he die like bitch and sire./ he paused, glancing at the dead deer, /You done, werewolf?/

/Yes. Eat the damn thing./ I looked over at the pup. /Come here, pup./

He obeyed, tentatively padding up to me. /What's your name?/ I said softly. Around us, the rest of the pack dug into the meal.

/Name is Ven./ His voice was small and weak. Testimony to his malnourishment.

/Ven. Wolf for Stone. Fitting. You come with me./ I growled.