The sterile white hospital room stank of antiseptic. Erin sat, huddled in a chair beside Storm's bed. Her shoulders slumped and eyes cold and glassy. Tori sat beside her, long silver hair pulled back into a ponytail.

I paced the white floor, so generic and clean I wanted to wretch. Well, I wanted to wretch anyway, but that's beside the point. Erin flinched when Tori moved slightly. The sight tore at my heart. I doubted I could stay there any longer.

"C'mon Tori, we should go." I muttered and turned to leave. I heard her whisper good-byes to Erin who merely sat there, staring fixedly at the floor.

The world was muffled and way too bright. Tori and Damon had left, leaving me and Storm. I glanced at him. His black hair was disheveled and skin so pale he looked more like a vampire than a wolf.

The door opened and a tall, lean, werecat strode in. Dr. Falkson. "Ms. Blackwood." He said to me, then glanced at Storm. "Some of the silver melted into his blood, not much, but enough to push him into a cataclysmic sate." He paused. "I won't lie, it doesn't look very good for Mr. Winters."

I shuddered and hiccupped. "Isn't there anything you can do?" I asked, maybe it was me. The voice was strange, muffled, and hoarse. Alien.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Blackwood." He murmured then turned to leave, narrowly avoiding the pen that shot through the air, propelled by magic. It thwacked to door harmlessly.

I wished Ven was here. They hadn't let him in, he was a real wolf after all, and the place had animal policy and all that crap. Stupid bastards.

I got up and waked over to Storm. There were gauzy bandages wrapped from his elbow to neck. They hid the wound that bitch Rosa had made. I crawled in next to him on his un-injured side and snuggled against him. "I love you." I whispered against his ear and rested my hand on his abdomen, feeling the strength and muscle there.

I remembered how he'd carried me, tucked into his warm chest, from the icy stream, the first time we'd made love, they way he'd un-questioningly killed Javier. Tears trickled down my cheeks, dripping onto his neck. I pressed a kiss there, then buried my face into his warm skin. He smelled like the forest and chopped wood that's going to be burned. I shivered and pressed closer to his warmth.

I let my magic flow between up, let it brush his wounds. He jerked and gritted his teeth, then went still.

It was dark. Very dark in this cold, heartless, bitch of a place. I missed Erin's sweet warm body, the heady scent of her musk, her big innocent eyes. The back of my throat grew painful, choking back tears. It was so cold here, I couldn't feel my arms or legs and I wanted to vomit. Wanted to die. Wanted Erin. Something made my shoulder burn and I jerked away and it stopped. After a bit it started again. Pain shuddered though my body, burning like liquid silver. I growled, fighting, like swimming way down in a deep river and it got harder and harder to breathe and harder to keep going. I ached and shuddered, then warm, gentle hands were roving over my belly and chest.

Erin's purple flecked with blue and green eyes were gazing at me, wide and warm. My arm burned like a bitch, but that was muted somehow.

"Oh, Goddess, Storm!" She cried and clung to me like was the only sane thing in the world. "I love you." She told me, her pale porcelain skin blushed with color.

"Finally" I muttered, my voice was slurred and weak, that more than anything bugged the hell out of me.

"I though I'd lost you." She murmured, pressing her cheek against my chest.

I smiled gently. I'd said it before and I'd say it again, "A wolf always finds his way back home."

Erin giggled. "Do you realize how corny that sounds?" I chuckled, shaking my head.

"Still love me?"

"Still love you."

A/N: I hope everyone enjoyed Storm and Erin's story. If you liked it, the legacy contines in Damon's Wolf. Which will be started quite soon. Maybe tonight. Er... well, this morning, actually. Also, yeah, the end was corny. You wouldn't have read it otherwise. Heh heh.