One of those poems for English

its supposed to mimick a very Walt Whitman free-write

let me warn you

it doesn't

can anybody relate to this?

The intensity of the wind consumes me, and I let it

I inhale the strong perfume of freshly cut grass, feeling very much indestructible.

I hunt the praying-mantis, as I watch his elegance in his home, his legs gracing the ground he dares to step on.

I feel guilty, but he will soon be my prized possession.

The laughter of the children taunts me, I hear joy in their voices, I need to partake.

I skip, one two, one two, one two three four. I win.

I run my fingers along the slippery poles of the court

I watch the procession of the game; I listen to the bounce of the orange ball

And watch the children with beads of determination forming along their brow

I ache to be in the air, I run to the swings, because they will just have to do

I swing and swing and swing until I realize that I can never challenge the law of gravity

But I don't worry, that word doesn't sit in me

I sit on these spinach green tables in my plaid shorts

And I realize

I feel as though I can defeat the adversary of hope

I'm invincible and entirely unaware

My selfishness is replaced with innocence

I feel something I don't think I will be able to later, so I soak it up.

My toothy smile plastered on my immature face

That in my complete state of unawareness,

And in the innocence that defined my youth.

I was inescapably happy.