Ambivalence is Untouchable


Does that mean that you are too…

Shall we say arrogant?

That no one will be worthy to handle

What you have to offer?

Even though you deem me

Cute enough to be worth a drive

And… I know you hate driving,

I still wonder why you waste your time

With me for hours

Playing games, making jokes

Spending every moment we can together

If you think yourself so high and…

What's the word?


Or maybe, dear Untouchable;

You don't think of yourself too well.

No one would want to run their hands through your hair

Or to kiss you, feel for you, be with you.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

But in my oh so humble opinion…

I see happiness. I see a striking man

That ignites the passion when I have not even

Stroked your face. Remember,

Negative prefixes you deem yourself will never suffice for me

Unless you count insatiable.

But that of course depends on how much

You deem me

What's the phrase?

Worth it.