The Kingless King Dismay

Pride is useless; the nakedness of pride is but a fool. A deny creep without shame. For ancient is the soul fallen, so that I may hear the walking of daybreak. Her dreadful darkness fled at my coming but despair stay locked upon her soul. She has grown to hate me for a crime I have never done. God's raw kiss had me to move against my queen for her great sin against me, and have taking no pleasure in it.

Nor do I raw my judgment against the father of us all. For the judgment was right. Bitter fruit call her careless feet to anger? Her head raise from darkness's flown and eternal free love was placed in heavy vain with her punishment just! Oh dear father in heaven here is my dismay. I know my mind and the root of foolish men desire, I know the corruption in the heart,

The skilled knowledge of a sharp intellectual light. I know the blind suggests of lies the desire of Satan perfection. Do ill bring forth knowledge that poison to test? Forbidden knowledge that bring passion to the eyes? Teach me to pluck the mistress out of her eyes, for a wise mind bring angry eyes! Myself ringing not to go beyond myself. I know force the heavenly nature of my mind.

Now both corrupt with fever, my soul ignorant and blind to the mocked conclude of my life, so I offer to lay its down and you refuse it. For you say live on dear child.