The Queen's Letter No.2

The day come dear husband is the truth is hidden and the great pain of me speak once more. For I alone is barren without words. Yea alone to listen to my great sorrows. Lord how the blood in me seek to change course! Unknowing force hurl up this punishment of mine which is heard only by night. How your voice breaks me open and haunts me like a woman monster? The child in me bring forth speaking words that dance and am alive, now dry me up empty and sweet like salt water fierce with attach hidden within my intelligence.

For its chambers withdraw nothing! You dear husband with your mighty words against my sin to you ask come your way. No without fail I pray and weep and you don't hear. Open, establish, seal up your path from me? Conceal my corruption to end my immortality. That which is the ignorant faith of me! The madness of misery that weights the living dreams of me, such a thing is poison that moves freely within itself! Pleasure delights me to roar and drown my joy. Lift up once again in me the innocent delight with no more errors! Bless that old original treasure God made first!

To quite my soul in this work of darkness you have set my soul in. death shall surly reap the bath of my lips. Withdraw the windless morning and those young lords that are at the bottomless dismay of my tragic vows! Let my eyes weep no more for this shame. But seek rest in God's creatures upon their names. To pass by forth the first label the fierce fight of death's assaults! For if the father in heaven and his son can forgive that delight call man, how is it so you can not turn me back into your fruit of delight.