So dark is the cons of man

Dough I sat with the devil six months, for he felt the need to explain to me the dark con of man.

Thus I weep so bitterly to cry so faithfully, for man's dark cons has burst under hell's own belly, for its can hold no more. My taste the language mistaken my sight to believe Eva in that paradise, For Adam soul a vale brilliant precious con taken itself respect from sweet heart and mind. A grand master polished to seek after me? I strode the miracles first ,Flourished their minds with prayers, to reach steady air blood from the living sinew.

Yea beware of the soft voice smile, steel eyes forever bent on killing. The myth of man the long scour brooding immortality, Man the greatest phantom tossed into flesh and blood. God's work I rode for hours, as your lord and savor say seeker, let he who had a ear understand, For this is only the heel of man, which bring horror with its steps. I alone once delight in this but no more! If man seek dark cons I shall bring its before him and let his prayers reach the father and his son that also wishes not to hear them no more!

For as I bear to look into Lucifer eyes, I alone saw a new delight and he stop talking and I stop writing and placed my pen down.