The day has finally come for me to make the announcement I've been waiting years for:

PRADA AND PREJUDICE, my debut novel, is now in stores! If you live in the US and Canada, the official release date is June 11, 2009, but it's already sneaking into a few places and by the weekend, it should be just about everywhere.

I can't even believe it's here. If I had not found Fictionpress in 2003- if I hadn't seen all of YOU posting stories, I never would have tried writing. And this book wouldn't exist. I thank everyone on Fictionpress in my acknowledgements in the back of the book, and I MEAN IT. You guys helped me become the writer I am today, and I owe y'all so much.

If you want to catch up with me online, feel free to PM me here or visit my website at .com. I also have all my links in my profile!

Thanks again for reading my work everyone. I 3 you!