To my kind and gentle readers:

Hello and welcome to The Inchoate, an anthology of the best of my poetic skills. It gives me the utmost pleasure to know that you have deemed me important enough to spend your precious time on, and I can only hope that you will not be disappointed.

I must add that although The Inchoate has been placed in the Fantasy section, I may disregard the boundary at some points and (very briefly) slip into science fiction. After all, writing for a single category places a lot of restriction on the artist, does it not?

The first poem I place before you, my illustrious audience, is the story of a host who has a rather interesting relationship with her parasite. The circumstances of this situation, I leave to your capable imaginations.

The Host and the Parasite

You want me, you need me

You know that you need me

You need me as somewhere to stay

Sharp tiny claws need something to cling to

Away from the warmth of the day

You'd leave if you could but you can't, don't you see?

You need me much more than you'll say

Where else will you find a kindly inside

To shelter your miserable skin?

Where else will you find as willing a host

As kind as the one you're in?

Dear little parasite, sweet as can be

Don't you know what your boundaries are?

You need me to feed and I need you for nothing

You're stuck like a dead rat in tar

Sweet little parasite, though you may gripe

And squeal as you roll in my guts

You know that you need me much more than you say

You need me like Vegas needs sluts!

So please cease your whining, my patience's declining

I grow sick of your constant tirade

Though I am your hostess, your willing companion

And perhaps I am even your maid

Remember that I hold the power, my dear

Without me, your life is for naught

So be kind to me darling, talk nice to your host

Or I'll leave your poor body to rot!

A rather short one, but they will all be possessed of some brevity, I fear. Should it please you, I would inquire of my kind readers to leave me a small note of review for reference purposes. I will be eternally grateful :).

Do feel free to PM me with any requests, complaints, dissatisfactions, and the like. I will make an effort to respond with great haste.


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