She frees me from the pain of existence

The agony and tribulation, driven away with her alluring smile

The hollow promises I deal and dispense fracture the truth

I feel I'm a reflection in a shattered mirror when she isn't close by

I mask a wound and succumb to cipher while she's gone

When her voice resonates off the walls, I can't abide, stay to hear

The words unwritten… to be unnoticed, spoken by the cherub of my heart,

Arete in grace, divine with entice, I stand here sunken, without you

Acrid; my stare turns cold

As I realise I fade from mind, I'm comatose, evanesce from your grip

You know you're my lifeblood, the drift of easing pain

Your chroma lights the rogue shade, addicted, and risen up by life

I find myself, when I see you laugh, discern myself, I am someone vital

Salient, in the shine of lucent, you exist in my heart

I gave you all my love, devote myself to your amour, love's verity; binding me

Which always echoed through my hollow promises

Your merit and perfection mutilate my soul like one thousand knives

To see your influence awaken me, and leave me with fear of your distance

Her eyes carve my heart, etched with her name; Laura

Five letters that bore into my soul, five letters that brace me from anarchy and omen

Her stare blinds my sight of reality

And her sweet voice keeps me covert in thought, virtuous, as she remains in my desire

Encircle your words around me, so I know you haven't left me in the dark

To know you're there, to eclipse and helix around my heart takes me into bliss

-Lurid Black-