Trapped In My Dreams

Every feeble scream runs idle

Mirrored away, as the air grows thick...

Desperate to escape, erratic; vital in thrall

Awake in dreams, my eyes see animation;

Placid, impelling around me

Amethyst, ablaze in my trance

I'm comatose, trapped in this wraith...

Silent... motionless and cold... in hinders bind

Bloodthirsty I Uselessly Pull Myself To My Feet

In Vain, I Call Out For No One To Hear

For Nothing To Resonate Through This Labyrinth

Tells me it's hopeless... aimless and vague

It tells me to cede...

To give up, relinquish, and succumb to what I see...

This chimera of thoughts...

To expire and resign, to freeze hopeless

"Give In To It" My Mind Shrieks "Nothing Can Be Done"

One Thousand Hostile Voices

In Constant Warfare With Itself

I Stand Here Trapped in my constant dreams...

-Lurid Black-