And it's the kind-of sequel to A Teenage Girl's Guide To High School Relationships: What To Do When Your Girl-Friend Starts Dating. I wanted to post this on Valentine's Day, but couldn't because of the server maintenance.

A Teenage Girl's Guide To
What To Do When Your Guy-Friend Starts Dating
By Illusion

What do you do when guy friends start to date?
Are you annoyed, but scared to make him flip?
Concerned with his choice of an airhead mate?
A teenage girl's guide for relationships:
Be sure to be supportive of his choice,
No matter if the "other" is a cow.
Tune out that grating irritating voice.
Teach It respect and at your feet, It'll bow.
But play the game well; patience is the key
Don't lose your temper. Throw away that spike!
Until the time he fights with this doxy
This is the moment at which you do strike.
Convince him to come with you (lock the doors)
And then claim what is really, truly yours.