Once, I pondered beneath the starry night sky,
"Is my destiny really written among them?"
Then maybe, just maybe I might be able to
Reach out for you, the star in my twilight.

If I were to make a wish upon you,
Would you listen to me?

Grant me this one thing, this very last thing:
Let me touch you, your hands, your face, and your lips.
If that cannot be, then just take my heart away
For I fear that I cannot have it without you.

If given the power to change everything,
Would you still choose meeting me?

I know that I am not that perfect,
Nor would I ever be.
Such a star as pretty as you, would
Never fall in love with someone like me.

You are everything that I've always dreamed about.
No words would ever suffice my heart's desire.

A long shot. No, a blasphemy. No, no, a crime.
That's what this would be.
Something that's super extraordinary.
That would be you and me.

Oh, if love is truly blind then this marks its epitome.
I cannot really call you my own, pretty Dulcinea.
But in my dreams I may. Leave me now and let me be.
And let me sleep under the sky of deep, deep blue.

Let me sink beneath the sands of sleep.
Let me take a sip upon the chalice of heaven's bloom.
And let me mourn among the clouds and the silvery moon.

And should I be asked by an angel what I liked most about life, I
Would simply smile for my answer would just be,