Serena isn't quite sure how to handle the attention she starts getting from Nicholas, the owner of a despicable reputation and interesting dark blue eyes. But how can she believe the rumors after witnessing how he acts with his little sister or the way he plays along with the stupidest deals just to amuse her?

jerkwater (adjective): remote and unimportant; trivial.

This story was written as a challenge response for Session Five of the Original Fiction Ficathon. If you want more information about it, please go to my profile and check the link over there – they're located at LiveJournal, but you don't need to be an user to join.

Response to Challenge 3
e: Humor/Romance Rating: Teen/Mature
Likes: Skittles, cotton balls, curse words, Say Anything(the band), corny romance, a violent main character, a female lead character, and Hamburger Helper. Dislikes: Too much sex, perverted guys, rape, pregnancy, sour cream, peanut butter, and garlic.
3 Quotes/Phrases: 01) "I'm so tired of hearing about skittles that if I pick one up right now, I'll shove it so far up your ass you'll taste the fucking rainbow, bitch." 02) "A mini-fridge is waaay more important than a bassist." [stolen from guitar hero. because everyone needs a mini fridge. 03) "...Why does it sound like there's an orca in your basement?!"

Note: this started out as an one-shot that got way out of hand and demanded to be expanded. Also, I decided to try something slightly different and write the story with university-aged characters. Because I'm not very familiar with the North American education system, I don't go into much detail about university life, but I promise to research more for the next college-themed story I write. Hope you have fun reading!

Warning: this fiction is rated for mild language, sexual innuendos, references to drugs and other illegal substance, bad music and a few stupid jokes.