The Kingless King

The day After

I suspect so many various used, the imagination punish the condemnation of innocent! Which s limited to all love. For if love don't come first then pronounce or defend the spirit of envy! For their sakes I throw out the imagination of that heart. The last effect of sin. For the sacred laws she did not obey. Which was worst the first general that filled the heavens vows? The young vine drunken with the black tongue between her rests?

To understand her punishment? The sweet sin that roar between her chest? Did she think her ancient needs would possessed me? Beside Adam who heard the hardest of his wife voice to do sin! I alone will do without before showing dislove to our father which are in heaven! Drunken white words from my brothers lip to her ears. She has sadden my heart against me. My bed no longer gaped the green straws of our covenant.

The sweet swift blessing that once provide our own sweet self worth. (Faith) God's first example to his own sweet beloved son, but for me an unfaithful wife who chose to test love for her own warefare? Command the revoke and let our children hereafter fall from their places. A sad day I shall tell thee death shall not pass thy blood, for our queen has left so darken a bed.

The shadows now move about our kingdom, yea to move nothing without a sun. Yea the first attempt was a blind contempt for a lazy breath did feast. She shall give honor to our father which are in heaven and her soul to the grave. But I alone am tossed and blown against terrible organs like my once dear brother Lucifer from parting clouds of pride I sit here barren!