Desperately Needing You

Listen to your Heart

Chapter 2

As Axel, Callie, and I got closer to the skate park I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I stopped before we crossed the street to the skate park. I wasn't surprised to see Ian there doing tricks on the ramps. The hot beaming sun made me sweat more than I already am.

"Aiden you coming?" Callie asks me curiously.

I stood there not moving shaking my head, "He is there," I mumble under my breath.

"What is he mumbling?" Axel asks annoyed.

"I don't know," Callie grabs my hand.

She pulls me and my eyes don't leave Ian who is across the street at the skate park by the way.

"Aiden come on...," Callie groans.

We waited for the traffic to slow before we attempted to cross. Once across Callie let go of my hand and Ian slipped my mind as I stumbled down the little hill to the park.

"Haha now that was entertaining," Axel chuckled.

Callie groaned annoyed and helped me up to my feet.

"You okay," she was sincere.

I nodded then realized that Ian was coming over, he must have seen me fall. We all stood there for a minute before they noticed him.

"Hey Ian, great to see you again!" Axel replied excitedly.

Ian nodded and then his eyes were on me. I am not the type of person who likes to be center of attention. I looked down, it felt like his eyes were looking inside of me and then right through me.

"Axel, come on lets go skateboard," Callie replied pulling on his arm.

"What about them," he groaned knowing that Ian was probably after me.

"Axel...," Callie hissed.

She finally pulled him away, Ian's eyes were still burning a hole inside of me. I finally looked back up into his eyes and he smiled at his accomplishment.

"Zo Aiden?"

"Yeah...," I mumbled slightly above a whisper.

"Itz okay, I don't bite," he chuckled to himself.

I nodded feeling awkward and something I have never felt before, which is hard to explain.

"Want to go zit?" he asked while pointing to the nearest park bench.

At that moment I realized that it felt like time was standing still.


"Oh uh yeah," I replied as I started to walk over to the bench.

He took a seat first before I sat down. I am extremely shy and doing this was quite unusual for me. I knew he wanted to just have a causal conversation but I felt like there was more to this.

I rubbed my sweaty hands together on my lap, my nerves were going insane, I start tapping my feet. Ian seems calm like this is normal, or maybe he is not feeling what I am.

My heart is racing," How old are youz?" he asks as my heart feels like it stops.

"I'm twelve and you?" I ask trying to keep my mind off of how my body is reacting.

"I iz thirteen."

I look at him and our eyes lock, "You iz zingle?" he stutters.

I was at a lost for words, what does he mean is he going to ask me out? Is he just asking being curious? I knew I wasn't suppose to feel this way for boys. Boys like girls not boys like other boys. Though Axel and I always talk about other boys being hot but only jokingly right?

I was lost in thought and forgot what he asked me but I noticed my mom and sister were here. I jumped up, "Uh...," I look around for somewhere to hide.

Ian looks around confused and curiously. I hide behind the bench, Ian turns around and looks at me.

"Thiz a game?"

"Yes come back here," I reply with clinched teeth.

He got up and sat next to me behind the bench; while I watched through the slabs of wood in the bench as my mom and Alana talk to Axel and Callie. I am hoping and praying they do not give me away. Too busy watching them that I didn't realize that Ian is staring at me.

"Uh...," I mumble.

"Youz are just zo-," he starts.

"Aiden and Ian, what are you doing?" Callie asks holding back her giggle.

"Hiding-" I start.

"Playing a game," Ian replies.

Axel busts into laughter which makes me turn red.

"Well you mom said its going to rain soon. We should head home," Callie cautiously says while looking at me and then at Ian.

"Okay, bye Ian," I say getting up.

Axel, Callie and I head across the street, this time I take a look back at Ian. He notices my glance and smiles, I return it with a half smile. Then the wind picks up, it starts sprinkling, we continued to walk home.

"Do you guys believe in love at first sight?" I ask as I continue to walk the same pace as them.

"Of course I do and that there is someone out there for everyone."

"Haha, why do you think you love Ian?" Axel chuckles.

"I can't love a boy...," I mumble in return.

We reach my house, "Bye Aiden," they say in unison.

"Going out again tonight?" I ask curiously.

"Of course, we will get you later," Callie smiles.

Later that night after another awkward dinner with more questions about where I was and about Ian.

I heard a rock hit my window which startled me. I jumped and went to the window. I had already applied my own eyeliner, that Callie gave me. I open the window, push out the screen, and climb out. Axel helps me close the window and put the screen back.

We start walking for the public bus stop. After waiting for a few minutes the bus pulls up. We get on, pay, and ride the bus to the club.

"Were here, come on!" Callie says excitedly.

We get off the bus, walk to the entrance of the club and get in line to go in. I am nervous and I don't really know why, I am shaking slightly.

"Aiden, you okay?" Callie asks concerned.

I nod, step up, and then were at the door, "ID's?" the brawny man asks.

We hand him our ID's and he lets us in not even taking a second look at us. Once in you can hear the music booming and feel it in your chest. There is girls and guys, girls and girls, and boys and boys dancing together. The song playing is Dirrty and everyone is grinding on each other.

Callie hands me some glow sticks, I put a few on my neck and wrap a few on my wrists. I look around for Axel, he disappeared in the crowd of people dancing.

There is even couches where people are making out, a few poles to dance on I guess, and a bar. People are bumping into me and I loose Callie. I nervously look around, afraid of what could happen to with me being alone. Maybe this was a bad idea.

Then the song stopped and became a slow song. Everyone starts to slow dance and I try desperately to find Axel or Callie. There he is, Ian, how did he get here? Ian spots me too, I smile relieved I found someone a little familiar. Then I realize the song that is playing is Listen to your Heart by DHT.

"Aiden?" he sounds excited and confused at the same time.

I nod, but continue to look for Callie or Axel.

"Dance with me?"

I blush but smile and nod, maybe the song is talking to me. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me a little closer. I reach up and put my hands on his shoulders. We dance side to side, swaying to the music. He pulls me even closer to where our bodies are touching and wraps his arms around me. I wrap my arms around his neck and lay my head on his shoulder. I felt like I could stay like this forever, but then the song changed to I'm A Slave For You by Britney Spears.

"Drink this!" Axel popped out of no where and put a cup in my face.

I was confused, where did he come from.

"Take it!" Axel demanded.

I receive the cup and take a drink. I cough, "What is this?"

"Alcohol," Axel snickers.

I chug the rest of the cup, "Wowz," Ian is stunned.

Axel starts dancing next to Ian and I, he pulls me into him and starts grinding on me; Ian watches annoyed. Callie then pulls Axel to dance with her, then I look at Ian as he half smiles at me.

Callie hands me her drink and I chug it; her mouth drops. I drop the empty cups onto the floor, Ian pulls me close to him our bodies touching again. He starts dancing with his leg between mine and my leg between his. We grind on each other through the rest of this song and the next song he takes off my shirt as I feel sweat rolling down my back. Ian runs his hand down my chest to my stomach where he stops above the top of my pants, he sticks his thumbs into the top of my pants and his hands on my hips. We continue to dance like this until we have to leave.