Wrong number

You are what I never knew I always wanted

-Fools Rush In

I realized then I was in love with him, deeply and completely in love with him-


My mom's voice breaking the sound barriers, of my room, quickly interrupted my book. I leaped quickly down the stairs, and walked into the living room, where she was sprawled on the couch her head buried in a book,

"Yes mom?" She lifted up her head, smiling up at me.

"How are you dear? I wanted to ask you did you have fun on your blind date last night?" I looked towards the blazing fire, remembering the "date".

"No mom I did not have fun, you are not allowed to set me up on anymore blin-"

"You and me we strolling they don't want to come around-" my phone started playing

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey. Is this nick?"

"Does this sound like a Nick to you? Last time I checked I had boobs."

"Whoa feisty,"

"No it's called a comeback."

What's you name?

"How old do you think I am, didn't your mother ever tell you never to talk to strangers?"

Well you sound like a 5 year old. But-

"No buts. "

"Okay how about this. My names matt. What's yours?"

"Wrong number." And I hung up.

"So where were we mom?" I asked.

"You were at the part of you are not allowed to set me up on a blind date. Ever again." She mimicked me making me laugh her voice high pitched

"Was it that bad?"

"Yeah mom, it was like putting bad in the worst date ever."

She blinked thinking, and then her eyeballs got larger behind her glasses. "Oh I'm sorry Annabel I should have at least shown you a picture and let you decide if you wanted to go out with him or not."

"Its all right mom,"

"Who was that on your phone?" she asked curiously

"Wrong number"

I turned briskly and walked back up the stairs and back to my quiet room, and continued reading my book.

Next night

: You and me we rolling they don't want to come around let me hear you say-


Hey wrong number how are you?

I prepared my self to hang up but something held me back from doing it, his voice sounded sincere enough.

I was fine, reading my book, and then you decided to interrupt me.

Oh did I? I could just imagine him one hand on his chest saying this, he laughed for a moment.

"How's your book?" He asked

"Its good, its really good it was really good before you intruprted it, how are you matt?"

"I'm good; sitting here talking to you, so not much is going on."

"Oh well that sounds…I paused, …fun."

He laughed again.

"Did I say something funny matt?"

"No, it was just one of those moments."

"So tell me about yourself matt?"

"What do you want to know?"

"Favorite color?"


"Favorite food?"

"Spaghetti and bread sticks"

"Favorite veggie?"

"Raw broccoli"

"Which came first the chicken or the egg?"

"I cant answer that, its top secret," he laughed I giggled, we ended up talking for two more hours until I told him I was tired and I was calling it a night.

"Okay bye wrong number, or do you want to choose a different name?"

"Its Annabel" and I hung up.

As our conversations continued, we got to know each other really well he knew that I was extremely afraid of height, spiders and darkness I loved hot cocoa and pretty dresses. I knew that he watched sesame street everyday until he was 12, and he hated bubble gum, he loved his family a lot, and he'd never had a serious relationship. He nicknamed me Bella and I called him matty. I learned he was a junior just like me.

We were talking about valentines when it happened.

" No I just hate the thought of valentines day" I told matt, I don't like how girls expect to get the littlest things, and how proposing on that day is supposedly romantic but a lot of other people are doing it that day so I'm not sure how its special"

Matt was quiet then he said, " I think you should give Valentines Day a try, you never know what could happen, and maybe one day on Valentines Day, you're going to realize why things happen like that."

"That's true, but anyway matty I have to go and finish making these valentines, and I have to pick out something to wear, I hope I don't look bad, ill talk to you tomorrow."

" I bet whatever you wear your going to look gorgeous. I think your going to look beautiful."

"How do you know how I look like?"

We go to the same school, there's no one else named Annabel. So I'm pretty sure I know that you're beautiful"

I blushed, well bye matt!

"Bye my Bella"

I then realized after I had hung up with matt that I was falling for matt and It wasn't stopping the feelings grew stronger and stronger each day.

Valentines day

My best friend Ashley and me exchanged gifts once we saw each other.

I looked at the box she gave me it had the most beautiful wrapping paper; I ran my hands across the gift.

"Ana! Will you just open it, I brought you the exact wrapping paper cause I knew you'd like it, and you'd go to any ends to get it." She pulled from behind her back the same exact wrapping paper.

I opened the gift, inside was a watch and some chocolate, and a shirt that said

Best friend number one. I squealed and hugged Ashley

"You can let go now, your cutting of circulation."

"Sorry. "I said, I handed her gift,

She loved it, I had gotten her Michele bublee new CD a poster and two concert tickets to his next show, how I knew she loved it, her ear shattering scream that went through the hallway, I covered her mouth with my hand.

"O my o my you got me, I get to see him" that began our happy dance around the hallway towards our lockers.

3 31 29.

The door clicked open and I gasped,

There was a bouquet of red lilies, in a vase and it had an envelope in the front of it.

"What's wron-omgod someone either seriously likes you, or they delivered the flowers to the wrong person."

I picked up the card.

Dear Bella,

Happy Valentines Day. I hope you have an amazing day. I hope you loved the flowers meet me at 3.00pm after school in the courtyard I have a few surprises for you.


"Was this the guy you were telling me about, how sweet he got you flowers and a card, and he wants you to meet him, why cant I have a romantic life like yours" Ashley said.

"I don't know"

As the hours past, I got more and more nervous for 3.00, I couldn't pay attention all day, and I would keep on going back to the thought of me liking him, and it made me blush. Then it was 255 Ashley and me did a bathroom stop she made sure I looked okay,

"Ashley I am such an nervous wreak what if he tazes me or what if"

" Shut up Ana I don't want to hear another word, now go get him!" I only had two minutes to get to the courtyard.

I ran down the hallway and heard Ashley behind me screaming, " Go girl go! My little baby is growing up!"

I rolled my eyes, and ran through the last door to get to the courtyard, clutching my bag and matt's present in the other hand

I sat on the bench quietly waiting and looking at my phone, waiting for matt. I began to rummage through my bag, when I shadow blocked my view. I didn't look up to say anything.

"Hey person who's blocking my sun, I'd really like to use it because I need to-

"Bella are you always so rude when meeting new people"

I looked up at the most gorgeous eyes, they were green with golden tints and blue, his hair was dark colored and his teeth very white and very straight. My eyes traveled down his body, he was well built but he had his hands behind his back

This has got to be a dream, seriously who puts someone seeing this, pinch me, I muttered to myself, and a moment later, I felt a pinch.

"Oww I didn't say literally pinch me."

"Sorry, well now you know your not dreaming."

His hands were still behind his back and he was looking down at me smiling

"Matt what's behind in your hands."

"Hold on that can wait, you just have to do what I say"

" Hmm..You better not pour bean soup on me or something outrageous, and then run away."

"Hahah that would be such a good one, okay close your eyes"

he handed me the present, I opened my eyes, I looked inside the box, inside was a gorgeous dress.

"I wasn't sure if you'd fit in it so I measured my sister, and knew that you liked gorgeous dresses."

'Thank you thank you thank you matty" I got up from my seat giving him an hug,

But wait Bella I have something to tell you"

I waited in anticipation for what he had to say, my stomach was in knots,

"I like you, I've liked you for a while, I liked you after your first insult to me, and I kept on talking to you, because you were funny, sweet and you made me smile a lot. I just really like you, and I found out your favorite flower from Ashley and I'm going to kiss you now"

Matt got closer and closer and pulled me closer and closer. He kissed me and I felt all the sparks, my toes crinkled, he tasted like peppermints I molded into him and I am most certain if he wasn't holding on to me I would have fallen.

" Bella I want you always to be my wrong number"

" What the hell does Bella mean anyway?" I looked up at him

"Beautiful, will you go on a date with me?"

So in the end, I got the boy, the Valentines Day presents, the guarantee no more blind dates and at long last I finished the book it its last lines being, sometimes things happen for a reason people come in and out of your life, but the life lesson is cherish it, except it because at the end of the day, its just you and that special someone.