Summary: Kyra and Eliza are twins. Everyone can tell that by there identical blonde locks and their strangely colored eyes. What nobody knows is that they are in love. Held together by a pact, what happens when Eliza breaks it their senior year and they break up? Kyra left and didn't contact Eliza for 4 years. Now she's back, but will things crash and burn or will sparks fly?



Eliza had always found a way to piss me off. Whether it had been on purpose or accidental, the girl always finds a way. Don't get me wrong, I loved her and everything, she was my twin for God's sake. But this time she had gone too far. She had hooked up with the school's resident scum bag Jackson Wayne. I wasn't just pissed that he had taken my sister because she was my twin, no, I was pissed because she had told me that morning that she loved me.

Ok, you're freaked out now, aren't you? Well let me explain: my sister and I were in fact heterosexual, but we were also having a forbidden affair.

Still confused? Well, so was I at first. We started this whole thing back in the fifth grade when we decided that we would never leave the other for a man. We made a pact to never love anyone else but the other. She broke that pact our senior year, and fucked Jackson. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. I saw the looks they were giving each other, I felt the signals, but that didn't stop me from feeling any less betrayed.

I know I would be considered gross by most the human population. I mean, loving your sister in more than a sibling way is wrong on so many levels right? Well I didn't care, but now I realize that there's a reason for such taboos and not just because your children have a humongous possibility of being mentally retarded:

You also have a huge chance of having your heart broken.

The thing of it is my heart wasn't just broken, it was torn out of my chest slowly, stomped on, put through the shredder, and then thrown away. I seriously haven't been in a relationship since I "dumped" her.

Her face when it happened. It was tear streaked as she begged me to take it back, that she was sorry and it would never happen again. I told her I couldn't take that chance and I walked out the door and left. I haven't been back to Fredricksville since.

Except for today.

Today I'm at my mother's funeral. She died young at forty-eight years of age. So here I am in my little black dress in the back row next to my friend Jessica. I was going to come alone but once she found out she insisted on coming.

Honestly I couldn't care less about my mother. She was always gone. She was always either at work or at a bar. Besides that she liked Eliza more anyway.

Speaking of Eliza I can see her out of the corner of my eyes. She's staring straight ahead, but judging by her stiff posture she is well aware I am here.

After the funeral and the pastor's lame speech about how great a person my mom was (ha! He didn't have to live with her when she was drunk off her ass!) we headed to the burial site where I watched people I don't even know throw roses in after her coffin. I did the same as I was expected, but afterwards I took Jessica's arm and started leading her back to the car.

She didn't seem to appreciate that much.

"What's wrong with you?!" she demanded yanking from my grasp-not that hard considering I'm rather tiny. "Didn't you say you had a twin? Don't you want to say hi?"

I stared back.

"Not really." She sighed impatiently and tapped her foot.

"I want to meet her."

I shrugged. "I have pictures and there's always phones."

"Kyra…" she growled warningly. You know those type of growls that make you wonder if the person was gonna eat you or something? Yah, it was that kind of growl.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine." I pointed in Eliza's general direction. "She's over there. I'll be waiting in the car."

Jess shook her head and grasped my arm firmly. "Oh no you're not missy. From what you tell me you haven't talked to her in four years. That needs to change and now." I resisted the urge to ask why because that would have more than likely caused my untimely demise.

Before long, the long blonde hair I recognized all to well appeared through the crowd. She was heading right towards us, and she did not look happy. In fact, the Eliza I once knew had disappeared completely. On closer inspection I saw that she had grown her wavy locks so much like my own down to her waist and she had several piercings and a tattoo or so.

She glowered at Jess before looking at me. "Why the hell are you here." It wasn't a question.

I held her stare evenly. "I wasn't going to. Jessie here wanted to meet you. Why she wanted to meet a slut like you I'll never guess."

A flash of something like hurt showed in her eyes, but I could be wrong it went away as fast as it had come, before she launched herself at me.

Her fists were flying before I had a chance to recover. "I'm not a fucking slut! I fucked him, big deal! I liked him, so what?" she leaned closer to my ear and whispered lowly so only I would hear:

'What we had was worth more to me than anything I had to him.' She pulled back and had tears in her eyes.

"That's what I was trying to tell you that day, but you didn't listen."

The crowd that had collected around us slowly dissipated after a few moments, realizing that there was nothing left to see.

I stared coldly back. "I didn't care about what you had to say back then and I don't care now, so get the hell up off me. I'm leaving."

Her eyes widened and I took in the two different shades of blue and gray-now that I think about it, where the hell did that scar come from?-and she looked panicked.

Grasping my shirt, sobs began to wrack her body. "Please, not again. You've finally come back, don't leave again, please. I love you…I love you so fucking much. You leave now and I'll kill myself. I can't live without you another day. Please stay here with me. Hell, I'll go with you but please don't leave me."

I blinked and stared wide-eyed back at her. She looked so honest, so beautiful, and so…broken.

Had I really done this to her? Had I effected her so much when I left?

Only one way to find out.


She looked at me hopefully.

"You…love me?" I asked, my voice raspy from misuse.

She nodded. "More and more everyday."

I nodded. "Do you mind getting off me now? It's starting to rain and I really don't enjoy the idea of being soaked." Eliza's eyes widened and she hastened off of me and helped me up.

"Sorry," she blushed-which I still think is adorable, "I was a bit emotional." I cocked a brow.

She glared. "Don't push it."

I shrugged. "Walk with me. We have things to discuss."

Ten minutes passed before we were crossing the small bridge over Lake Benson. The silence was broken by Eliza. She never was one to keep quiet for too long.

"What was it you wanted to discuss, and since when do you talk all sophisticated like?!"

I laughed shortly. "I went to college. I had a few scholarships and I am now next in line to become CEO at a corporate company Jessie and I work at. What I wanted to discuss was that if you love me, why'd you do what you did?"

She shrugged. "I was stupid and drunk, plus my cheerleader friends had a huge influence over my decision as well. In all actuality I was ready to come out of the closet with our relationship, but I never got a chance. I was going to explain everything to you the day you broke it off, but you never let me speak. I was so hurt, I could only imagine what you had to have been going through. I went through a stage where I tried to commit suicide a couple of times, but then mom came through and told me that it wasn't the answer and if I really wanted to be with you then I should wait. Be patient. I was so surprised she knew I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but I was happy she supported it. Too bad there was nothing for her to support any more…"

She looked at me expectantly. "What about you?"

I didn't look at her. "I cried at first, but then I started to go on with my life. I blocked off my emotions. I was tired of feeling sad all the time. Then Jessica came along and she's been trying forever to get me to open up. She knows about us as well. She doesn't care either. She thought it was all funny. The thing I find funny is that I didn't even tell her. She found out from my diary. The one I should've left here but I didn't, me and my stupid self. But oh well, that just means I have a good friend on my side."

Eliza smiled. "You two are just friends?"

I nodded. "Yea, she's not my type."

She grinned. "Does that mean-"

"No." she looked crest fallen.

I started laughing at her. "I said I loved you, I never said anything about a relationship."

Her jaw dropped and she looked indignant. "But-"

I cut her off. "UNLESS it was completely serious."

Her mouth was still hanging open but this time in shock.

I smirked. "So what do you say?" I already knew the answer.

She grinned widely and threw her arms around my head. "Oh my god yes! ILOVEYOUILOVEYOU!" then she pulled away. "Does this mean we're moving?"

"Yes, unless you don't want to."

She smiled. "Of course I want to move Kyra, silly. I want to be with you and you need your job! I can be your busy bee housewife! Yay!" She threw her arms around me again and I knew that even though this wasn't a fairytale and we would have our ups and downs, I also knew that this was our happy ending.

The End