My stomach twists

My heart pounds

I feel myself weakening


Eyes closed

Spinning round

In a world no one sees

But me

And I twirl

In my mind

Unconsciously spinning


Then a slap in the face –

I'm snapped back to

Harsh reality.

Someone's dead.

Maybe it's me

Maybe it's the past

I don't know

My mind is foggy.

I can't think

Can't remember

Can't smile

Can't cry.

My heart is replaced

With cold stone

And I have no feelings


The only emotion

I feel is


Like liquid fire

Shooting through my veins

Poisoning my perspective on the world

And I found out who's dead

And it's not a who

It's a what

It's my emotions

And the world keeps on changing

And I keep on spinning

And I'm getting dizzy.