"So how did you find the movie?" We were walking down the quiet street, in the early morning. The day's buzz had lowered down to nothing, except for infrequent zooms of passing cars and a stray person kicking a metal can from a few kilometres away. Sound travels, even more so when there was absolutely nothing for it to dent.

"Alright. It wasn't a very fantastic show.. I give it three stars." My friend stated calmly in that quiet way of hers.

"Oh..." And that was that, for a grand total of ten minutes, as I immersed myself into the colorful bubbly pool of my own thoughts.

We continued walking, walking. A brief brrr brused past us and we turn as one, turning to see the motorbike rushing into the far distance before turning back to the direction we were walking. I pushed my hands further down the depths of the jeans pockets as I mentally rhymthized the steps I was taking. Left right left..

"Are you tired?" Her low gentle voice broke my reverie.

"Nah, not really. Just thinking."


That simple word left so much unsaid, and I was compelled to fill the silence. "Yeah, I was counting the steps I was taking."

It took her a few seconds before realization set in, and tiny bubbles of laughter floated their way up into her mouth. "That's so you, silly."

"Who's calling who silly now, eh?" I stopped for a brief moment, before speeding up and breaking out into a run. The wind's long arms brushed past me, through my hair, across my arms and legs and pushing my chest apart. I stopped, and laughed, and breathed hard to get my heart back to normal mode again.

My friend appeared moments later, and said, "I'm still calling you silly."

"Eh?" I sucked in my breath for the last time before whooshing it out of my body in one loud gasp. It sounded harsh in the soft silence of the night, and I guess if you looked hard enough, you can see the shape of the carbon dioxide changing and merging with the rest of the air around us.

"C'mon, let's sit down." She pointed to the front of us, a still long stretch of road with the many streetlights illuminating an orange glow to the otherwise dark night.

I pursed my lips. "Wouldn't it be dangerous?"

"Are you scared?" There was a hint of challenge to her voice, that deft touch of defiance. I shrugged my answer, and plopped myself down on the black concrete ground. The brief sheen of perspiration on my legs mixed with the tiny tar rocks and I placed my hands behind my body and breathed in hard.

"You're breathing in carbon dioxide."

"All the faster to die, m'dear."

We grinned, and silence reigned between us again - a tangible presence surrounding us, enveloping us. It actually felt safe to be sitting out there on the road, without a care for the cars that might want to use the same route as well. And this silence, it seemed to engulf us, protecting us from human dangers.

"This feels good. Like marshmallow sweet feelings."

I could feel the bubbly circles inside me, like champagne, making their way upwards and I smirked, despite myself. "You and your descriptions."

"You and your actions," she countered gently, without a hint of malice.

I smiled and shrugged simultaneously before leaning my elbows down on the tar road and laying my head next on the ground. I stretched my legs further apart and closed my eyes before sighing deeply.

"This feels good. Like a slow morning in front of the computer with nothing planned for the rest of the day."

I could feel my friend's nod, and I sighed again. This time round, it was so draggy it turned into a yawn and I had no choice but to close my eyes against the oncoming action and groaned despite myself.

"You tired?" Her gentle voice broke through a quietly built wall and slowly dispersed them.


"Me too."

A lone thought popped into my head, alphabet appearing by alphabet and I waited patiently, drifting in and out of the first tier of sleep. I had almost fallen asleep fully, on the road, before the sentence finished and jolted me.

"Hey, this thought just came to me... Would you rather infrequent meet-ups with your friends or daily catch-ups?"

"I'm with you everyday."

I smiled. "Aye, that you are."

She just smiled. I could feel a warm sensation in my heart, even as a light gray cloud covered my mind for a brief moment.

"Then again, that wasn't the answer you were looking for ain't it? Well.. I would very much prefer frequent meetings.. You know that I'm a very time person."

I nodded, my neck pounding against the road once, twice. A slow cold wind pushed at us quietly before retreating again.

"Me too."

"Yeah I know."

I smiled at her intimate knowledge of myself, and felt the warmth grow bigger and larger, spreading across my entire body. It contrasted with the quietly insistent wind that came at us, and retreated once, twice.

"Yeah well," I felt compelled to say the truth we both knew but had never voiced out to each other, "you're me anyway."

"Yeah," she agreed, "I'm you."

I close my eyes and smiled a closed mouth smile. "Strange isn't it, how I can be friends with myself."

"How can it be strange? Afterall, I'm answering you, am I not?"

A/N: This short excerpt isn't what comes to mind normally, but I'm quite satisfied with it. :) Do let me know what you think, so I can improve. :)

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